Buckley and Phillips

The fragrance & aromatherapy manufacturer turned to MYOB Exo when they were after a new management system

Watching companies blossom into their full potential after the implementation of their MYOB ERP system reaffirms the importance of the work that we do at Kilimanjaro Consulting. Buckley and Phillips represent just one of those success stories that needed to be shared.

Who is Buckley and Philips?

As one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of fragrance and aromatherapy products, Buckley and Phillips began in in 1972 producing candles from a backyard shed in Melbourne using a DOS-based accounting package. However, with their product range diversifying into soaps, incense, essential oils and many more, the business knew that their simple processes were incapable of keeping up.

Finding the needle in the haystack.

After 15 years of outgrowing their system and extensive research into ERP and software alternatives, Buckley and Phillips said stumbled upon MYOB Exo at the point of giving up hope. Realising that MYOB had evolved from an earlier version to now handle a bill of materials and the functionality that they required, she knew that this was the option to go for.

Which changes did the business see?

Buckley and Phillips took full advantage of the customisability of their new software, building in reports and designing work orders that suited them. Additionally, the company saw tremendous changes across reporting, cost efficiencies, and staff empowerment as employees really got to know the product and its benefits.

How are they now?

With Buckley and Phillips feeling comfortable in their new MYOB Exo ERP system, they’ve seen efficiencies and savings across multiple dimensions of their business. “We knew when we chose Exo that MYOB, with its established brand name and network of implementation partners, would be a safe bet” – Phillips

To find out more details about how this company maintained their systems in a rapidly growing market and increasing demand, download the PDF from the panel to the right. To learn more about MYOB Exo, visit the main product page here.


Excellence in Business Development 2015 AU
MYOB EXO Award 2015
North Sydney Awards v3
Telstra Awards 2012