Capability Resources

The long-term journey of Capability Resources continues to deliver benefits with MYOB Exo

Capability Resources is a long-term MYOB Exo client of Kilimanjaro Consulting. They continue to see an improvement in their efficiency with their system as they move into the cloud with ExoHosted and streamline their administrative paperwork with Dataline.

Who are Capability Resources?

Capability Resources provide safety and compliance products and services, to protect the workers of different industries across Australia. They focus on the three critical areas of safety: competent people, safe practices, and equipment that is fit for purpose. They continually seek to improve their business processes in the same way they identify and meet gaps in their market.

What catalysed the introduction of ExoHosted?

An opportune moment to deploy ExoHosted arose when Capability Resources’ on-premise server reached the end of its life. Instead of re-investing in a new server, Capability Resources’ trusted MYOB Partner – Kilimanjaro Consulting – recommended transitioning to a hosted cloud environment with ExoHosted. ExoHosted manages and maintains their database in the cloud, saving the costs of maintaining and operating an on-premise server, while giving them cloud-based access to MYOB Exo via any web browser.

What benefits did Dataline bring their company?

The team at Capability Resources were entering in their invoices manually. This tied up their administrative staff, keeping them from more important projects. Tax compliance meant that their paper records needed to be kept and stored for several years. As the number of cartons full of paper grew it became increasingly difficult to retrieve their old information. Dataline is an add-on solution to MYOB Exo that automated their  Accounts Payable, by scanning invoices and extracting the data into their system for easy payments.

What changes followed the decision?

Capability Resources are seeing benefits in efficiency from both Dataline and ExoHosted, furthering the effectiveness of MYOB Exo and supporting their business into the future. ExoHosted gives them the flexibility to work from home and still easily access their database. Dataline streamlines their administrative Accounts Payable processes and maintains a digital record of their invoices for easy tax compliance.

How are they now?

Moving their database onto a hosted environment not only saved the cost of a new on-premise server but brought many other benefits. Data recovery has been vastly improved, especially in the case of natural disasters. Backups and archiving are done offsite and stored securely, following Dataline’s digitisation of their old physical processes. Overall the system brings more accountability, traceability, and flexibility which Capability Resources have greatly benefited from.

If you would like to learn more about how ExoHosted and Dataline have improved the efficiency of Capability Resources, download the full pdf from the right of the page. If you are interested in how either ExoHosted or Dataline could improve the efficiency of your business, send us an email at or call 1300 857 464.


Excellence in Business Development 2015 AU
MYOB EXO Award 2015
North Sydney Awards v3
Telstra Awards 2012