Edcon Steel

For Edcon Steel, MYOB Exo's positive point of difference was its ability to be customised and provide real-time information

Edcon Steel maintains its reputation as the largest structural steel fabricator and biggest steel merchant on Sydney’s north shore.

For over 7 years, Edcon had run MYOB Premier as a POS system. The system became limiting for Edcon as the business grew; processing hundreds of transactions a day between four stores put a lot of strain on Premier.

In search for a new system, Edcon required a management solution that was capable of providing real time information on their sales order process. It was MYOB Exo’s configurability that sealed the deal for Edcon. What they found in Kilimanjaro was an implementer who understood that Edcon’s business processes needed to be incorporated into MYOB Exo.

Kilimanjaro’s approach was to work cohesively with Edcon through a system of proposals and feedback to fully understand Edcon’s requirements.

One of the processes that needed to be concentrated on was Edcon’s reliance on POS. By putting in a real-time, centralised system, Edcon could keep track of any bad debt or security matters. By customing MYOB Exo to meet Edcon’s requirements, their efficiencies have improved and errors have decreased”, said Jason Fegan, Kilimanjaro’s Director Operations.

Using terms like “first-class knowledge” and “sound understanding” to describe Kilimanjaro, it is no wonder that Edcon Steel was more than pleased with their implementation.

To learn more about Edcon Steel’s experience with MYOB Exo and Kilimanjaro, please download the PDF from the panel to the right. To learn more about MYOB Exo, visit the main product page here.


Excellence in Business Development 2015 AU
MYOB EXO Award 2015
North Sydney Awards v3
Telstra Awards 2012