Elvin Group

MYOB Advanced established a solid platform for future growth by eliminating manual data entry, providing a single source of truth.

Kilimanjaro Consulting was formed to meet the growing demand for specialist services to plan and manage ERP implementations of, and support for MYOB Enterprise software. Through the clever use of creative, innovative and proven technology, we improve efficiency in businesses. Earlier this year, we partnered with The Elvin Group, a Construction and Engineering business, supplying and delivering concrete, who were beginning to feel the pain of multiple sources of data and inefficient, time-consuming processes. 

Meet The Elvin Group

Starting as a humble Garden and Landscaping supplier in 1970, The Elvin Group are now efficiently and reliably supplying and delivering concrete throughout the ACT. The Elvin Group has been in the Australian market for over five decades. It has achieved success by focusing on their customers’ needs, providing high-quality service and clear communication to all stakeholders. With growth came a need to move up from accounting software to enterprise software, unleashing the benefits of an ERP system.

Problems experienced in a growing business

Significant growth in a business is a cause for celebration. However, growth comes with its challenges. Working with 15 entities under one banner, The Elvin Group began feeling their business was disconnected. Employees were wasting time on manual data entry. Without an overarching system in place, the company did not have real-time insights, and this led to unverified decisions. Rather than slow their growth, The Elvin Group decided to look to an integrated system.

“We were entering the same piece of data in several systems, with significant amounts of manually downloading and manipulation of data in Excel. It was a big timewaster,” Managing Director Barry Innes says.

The Solution: MYOB Advanced

Guided by independent advice, The Elvin Group began looking at options to manage a larger, more complex business. The new system needed to integrate easily with their existing ordering and tracking solution. When deciding on an implementation partner, The Elvin Group chose Kilimanjaro Consulting, MYOB’s largest and most experienced implementation partner.

Kilimanjaro followed their own unique implementation methodology, first analysing the “current state” of The Elvin Group, and then proposing a “future state” to improve efficiency and overcome the challenges. For the Elvin Group, MYOB Advanced was able to provide a solid platform for future growth. The cloud-based system matched their wish list perfectly. It was clear the solution was going to provide a single source of truth.

“They were very professional and took their time to understand the business, I’d just say they were outstanding” enthuses Barry.

A look into Elvin Group with MYOB Advanced 

Kilimanjaro were able to understand the pain points, and address the needs. With their new MYOB Advanced system in place, The Elvin Group now enjoy:

  • An empowered workforce: automation has freed up staff to work on higher-value tasks
  • Real-time insights – Management can make better, faster decisions
  • Experiences that matter – Invoicing is simplified and less prone to error.

To read more about the challenges The Elvin Group were facing before implementing MYOB Advanced, and what the system was able to do for their business, download the free detailed case study below.

If you would like to read more about why having a trusted implementation partner on your implementation journey is so important, contact us to learn how your business can benefit from implementing a new ERP system. To learn more about the MYOB Advanced product, visit the page here.


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