Kosmea Australia

A company makeover in the cloud was a natural choice

Kosmea Australia have the typically complex business needs of a company that has grown into overseas markets. Experiencing an increase in productivity from MYOB Advanced, they have a stable platform that can facilitate their growth into the future.

Who are Kosmea Australia?

Kosmea Australia are a health and beauty company that focusses on “skincare as nature intended”. Their range is centred around wild crafted and certified organic rosehip oil and the finest herbal, plant and flower extracts from Australia and around the world. Having started in Adelaide in 1993, they have expanded to sell products across Australia, as well as Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

What catalysed the switch to MYOB Advanced?

Kosmea’s existing software could not keep up with the demands of the business following its expansion. The company exists in an especially competitive market and could not afford to fall behind their competition. They needed a modern cloud-based platform to reduce their dependence on physical servers. MYOB Advanced was the fully integrated cloud-based solution they needed to allow them to take control of their complex business.

What changes followed the decision?

MYOB Advanced was able to give Kosmea direct control over their inventory and special pricing. It made managing their customer segments simple and easy. They always have full visibility of their data thanks to the live updating and offsite access, which has improved productivity.

How are they now?

MYOB Advanced has given Kosmea Australia the platform they need to continue their growth, especially in the US market. They have increased confidence in their ability to supply product thanks to the more streamlined workflow and increased productivity.

To learn more about how MYOB Advanced has helped set up Kosmea Australia for future success, download the PDF from the panel to the right. To learn more about the MYOB Advanced product, visit the page here.


Excellence in Business Development 2015 AU
MYOB EXO Award 2015
North Sydney Awards v3
Telstra Awards 2012