Kurrajong Kitchen

The continuous improvement mindset, and rapid growth of Kurrajong Kitchen made MYOB Advanced an easy fit.

Their constant growth and need for high accuracy data motivated Kurrajong Kitchens to take a new perspective on the role of enterprise software in the business. The implementation of MYOB Advanced gave them unprecedented insight, and accountability between their different entities.

Who are Kurrajong Kitchen?

Kurrajong Kitchen are a fast-growing food and beverage wholesaler and distributor. The company has many facets that cover manufacturing, sales and distribution, and white-labelled baking. They have grown from selling cellophane-wrapped flatbreads from a family restaurant, to supplying Australia’s largest supermarkets and Virgin Australia.

What catalysed the switch to a bigger software?

Kurrajong Kitchen has been growing over their last two decades of business. As a result, they outgrew the capability of their previous software, MYOB AccountRight Premier. Bringing together all aspects of their multiple companies took a significant amount of time, and still fell short of capturing the full scope of the business. Kurrajong Kitchen needed something overarching that would let them improve in business, technology, stock management, and cash flow. Add-ons to MYOB Advanced, such as ezyCollect help to improve cash flow, by chasing late payments automatically and effectively.

Which changes followed the decision?

After considering many other solutions, MYOB Advanced was the natural choice, as it could maintain continuity from MYOB AccountRight, while still giving them the extra power of an upgraded system. MYOB Advanced integrated the multiple companies’ data seamlessly, allowing Kurrajong Kitchens to more tightly track their ingredients and better manage their variances.

How are they now?

Seeing the overarching picture is now achievable at the push of a button, and the more data they enter into the system the clearer that picture becomes.

Kurrajong Kitchens’ continuous improvement mindset means that they are always looking for new way to optimise their use of MYOB Advanced.  Recognising the depth and flexibility of the system, they plan to integrate their retailers’ systems and make use of the CRM module to improve marketing practice into the future.

Read more about how the implementation of MYOB Advanced helped Kurrajong Kitchen by downloading the PDF from the panel to the right. To learn more about the MYOB Advanced product, visit the page here.


Excellence in Business Development 2015 AU
MYOB EXO Award 2015
North Sydney Awards v3
Telstra Awards 2012