Maori Language Commission

MYOB Advanced lifts the audit capability of a Government institution to a 30 year high

The Maori Language Commission are responsible for the growth and commonplace use of the Maori language across New Zealand. After an audit highlighted significant shortfalls in their financial processes, MYOB Advanced was implemented, and has led to vast improvement in their performance.

Who are the Maori Language Commission?

The Maori Language Commission was set up as part of New Zealand’s Maori Language Act (1987) to promote the use of Maori as a living language and as an ordinary means of communication. They provide education and certification for translators and interpreters, as well as policy development to further the parallel use of Maori in New Zealand (Aotearoa).

What catalysed the switch to MYOB Advanced?

Following an audit carried out in 2016, it was found that the Commission’s management control environment, financial information systems and controls, performance information, and associated systems and controls were in need of improvement. Their financial reports were being produced manually, which had the potential for incorrect data and developing a lack of trust in their old system. They needed a more automated solution for producing financial statements, particularly when reporting to the board.

What changes followed the decision?

Building and managing dashboards inside the software was a key requirement and MYOB Advanced offered this functionality. Due to the implementation of MYOB Advanced, staff have seen an increase in productivity and a significant reduction in individual workloads. This allows staff to focus on higher value tasks and growing the influence of the Maori Language Commission.

How are they now?

After moving to MYOB Advanced, audit ratings have improved for the first time in 30 years for the Maori Language Commission. They hope to continue improving their financial performance and reporting into the future, with MYOB Advanced’s capability to support them. The board also has higher confidence in their produced data thanks to up-to-date dashboard reporting.

To learn more about how MYOB Advanced has helped the Maori Language Commission to improve audit and compliance capability, download the PDF from the panel to the right. To learn more about the MYOB Advanced product, visit the page here.


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