Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

The combination of small-business simplicity with big-business control and reporting in MYOB Advanced proved to be the right mix for the MAV

Recognising the experience of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), and how the introduction of MYOB Advanced helped them, is invaluable to any company looking to upgrade their enterprise software.

Who are the Municipal Association of Victoria?

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) provides services to all 79 councils in Victoria. While only small in size, they perform auditing and governance work at the level of a much larger company. Such work includes insurance schemes, worker’s compensation, managing grants and other projects, and running up to 150 events per year. 

What catalysed the switch?

With such a large scope, the MAV’s old software MYOB AccountRight could not perform to the levels required. While simple to use, AccountRight was not able to handle the higher order functions of the business, especially with the higher number of audits. They were unable to fulfil their obligations to the audit committee in the way that they wanted. Detailed reporting of purchases could not be tracked, which meant that critical information was not available to auditors. Using the system also became slow, placing extra pressure on the team.

Which changes followed the decision?

The selected enterprise solution needed to be flexible, to cater to all of the MAV’s separate programmes, as well as meet the audit requirements, and consolidate financial reporting for ease of use. MYOB Advanced’s consolidation functionalities lead to easy and accurate reporting for their board.

How are they now?

In contrast to the previous system of lookup tables and spreadsheets, the consolidated set of financial statements has changed the way the MAV team works. They are able to access data from each for their programmes, without losing the ability to take greater detail in their analysis. They are now confident in being able to deliver the internal audit data they are looking for. Because the system is set up for larger businesses, it sets MAV up for significant growth and should help it avoid the need for upgrades in the future.

Read more about how the implementation of MYOB Advanced helped the Municipal Association of Victoria by downloading the PDF from the panel to the right. To learn more about the MYOB Advanced product, visit the page here.


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