Mint Payments

Moving to MYOB Advanced has improved productivity and efficiency at Mint Payments

At Kilimanjaro Consulting, one of our goals of doing business is to watch other companies achieve their own. MYOB Advanced has made previously unreachable goals of efficiency and success become a reality for many businesses, and such was the case with multi-national IT company, Mint Payments.

Who is Mint Payments?

Founded in 2005 with a diverse employee base, Mint Payments provides organisations and businesses with the ability to accept, process and manage in-person, online and mobile payments. In essence, their purpose is to remove the hassle and risk our of card and electronic payment transactions. However, with increased demand for their services, the company began to grow, and it became clearer and clearer that an upgrade in their systems processes was an absolute necessity.

What catalysed the switch?

From using a base level system for 7 years, Mint Payments was running into a number of issues through a lack of automation and general support from their providers. With the finance team complaining and their efficiency plummeting, the CFO at Mint Payments, David Owyong, jumped at the opportunity after being referred to MYOB Advanced by a client of theirs.

Being attracted to the broad range of functions, in particular the employee portal for expenses and purchase requests as well as the beneficial cloud capabilities, Mint Payments realized that they “would be able to get that same enterprise grade solution but at a fraction of the cost with MYOB Advanced” – David Owyong.

Which changes followed the decision?

Having operations based in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Mint Payments noticed the benefits of unlimited accessibility straight away. Additionally, with the strong presence of Kilimanjaro’s Support team, the team at Mint Payments received the testing, training and final reconciliation that they needed to make the most out of their system.

“What we really liked about Kilimanjaro was their genuine interest in our business and what we do, and how that eventually translated into a solution” – David Owyong

How are they now?

When Mint Payments compared their previous system with its newfound ERP solution, MYOB Advanced, the company can only reel off a long list of improvements. Experiencing new and major efficiencies from powerful automation, system scalability and user-friendliness, as well as from having a better vale ERP solution at a simple price point, has rocketed Mint Payment into a world of business that they had previously deemed impossible

Read more about how MYOB Advanced, with the help of Kilimanjaro Consulting, elevated Mint Payments by downloading the PDF from the panel to the right. To learn more about the MYOB Advanced product, visit the page here.


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