Toby’s Estate

Toby's Estate worked cohesively with Kilimanjaro to assess their requirements and learn how EXO could help their business

Established in 1998, Toby’s Estate functioned as a boutique supplier of Arabica Coffees. Today, they act as suppliers of both coffee and commercial equipment and are also educating future baristas through their Espresso School.

Toby’s Estate was in need of a new management system to manage growth and was put in touch with Kilimanjaro Consulting. As with all clients, we began our journey with Toby’s Estate by explaining our specialised methodology.

The implementation pod, headed by Sean Eichholz, then delivered a structured plan which outlined which aspects were to be customised and how data would be migrated to the new MYOB Exo system.

Working together with the Toby’s Estate team was a standout experience of the implementation process. “Toby’s Estate had a clear idea as to their motivations and expectations for implementing a new ERP system. Thanks to this clear view, we were able to map out their required business processes and configure Exo to specifically suit their need. Our implementation mantra was ‘keep it simple’; we wanted to lay a strong, structured foundation to the system that would easily allow for future growth”, Sean recalls.

Sean is hugely complimentary of Toby’s Estate and said “one of the best aspects of the implementation was the enthusiasm of the Toby’s Estate team. They were extremely driven and found the system intuitive and easy to use.”

Kilimanjaro’s implementation of MYOB Exo has seen an immediate benefit for Toby’s Estate in terms of increased visibility and improved efficiencies in stock control, warehouse and manufacturing processes.

To learn more about Toby’s Estate’s experience with Kilimanjaro and MYOB Exo, please download the PDF from the panel to the right. To learn more about MYOB Exo, visit the main product page here.


Excellence in Business Development 2015 AU
MYOB EXO Award 2015
North Sydney Awards v3
Telstra Awards 2012