The Kilimanjaro name represents our tribal concept of being “farmers not hunters”.  Our aim is to support the growth of our own business by nurturing long-term relationships with every client.  Furthermore, our tribe embodies a unique approach of looking out for one another and recognising everyone is equally important. This culture is inspired by the African term “Ubuntu” essentially meaning: I exist because you exist. The entire team can truly agree that there is no friendlier or more collaborative place to work than Kilimanjaro Consulting.

Inspired by the positivity that surrounds our workplaces, we are encouraged to do more for people outside of our company. We understand the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Thus, we immerse ourselves in many different activities and hope to make a difference to the communities we operate in. We are proud to be a part of many great causes and will continue to help in different fields as we continue on our journey.

Who Kilimanjaro Supports

  • Organisations where we feel we can make a meaningful contribution
  • Charities that represent and defend the interests of their beneficiaries
  • Foundations that are efficient in their use of resources
  • Those which have a positive impact on the communities we interact with

With these guidelines in place, we have chosen to support the following organisations:

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Combines international findings and lateral thinking to reach their goal

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is the largest organization for Brain Cancer research and awareness throughout Australia. They work with a strong patient focus to bring world-class clinical trials to Australia. Additionally, they work towards their inspiring mission to increase 5-year survival to 50% by 2023. We relate to their approach as the foundation breaks through traditional concepts and finds smarter solutions to reach their goals by working collaboratively with each other and society.

Last year the Kilimanjaro Tribe supported the foundation by donating a gratuity from an MYOB market research session. Likewise, we took part in an event within our workplace to raise awareness for the Beanies for Brain Cancer initiative. Click here to see photos and to find out ways you can be a part of an inspiring foundation.

Autism Association of Western Australia

Supporting Early Intervention Programs for children with Autism 

Kilimanjaro Consulting has supported a team member of one of our clients in her decision to courageously climb Mt Kilimanjaro with the sole purpose of raising funds towards an Early Intervention Program for children with Autism. Not only was this one of our valued clients raising awareness of Autism,  but because of the true strength and courage required to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Therefore, this cause was very close to our hearts. It is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895m. 

Our tribe wholesomely believe that being involved in Corporate Social Responsibility and encouraging awareness is a great way to impact society. Visit our website to learn more about Autism Association of WA work and how you can help.

R U OK? Day

Tackling the stigma around suicide by encouraging general day-to-day human compassion.

Each September, Kilimanjaro Consulting takes part in The R U OK? Day initiative which aims to connect all Australians by creating suicide prevention awareness. Our tribal culture encourages a supportive and collaborative environment which inspired us to support this cause. We take part the initiative in several ways, by organizing morning teas within the office to provide opportunities for the tribe members to check in with one another, or providing our team leaders with RUOK Day Guides so that they are compassionate and understanding in their everyday duties.

It is our shared goal to reduce the stigma around mental health and the fact that everybody’s equal. If you would like to learn more about the importance of R U OK? and how these simple words can help change a life, click here to read what we did last year or here to visit their website.

Ronald McDonald House Charity

RMHC helps families in need, keeping them closer to their sick children. They provide a stable component for families in situations of despair.


As the MYOB Diamond Partner, we have the privilege of supporting one charity by providing software sponsored by MYOB. Added to this, we contribute by donating our services. We are very proud to have chosen Ronald McDonald House Charities as they do unbelievable work creating the best possible environment for these families, while their children spend days or even months in hospitals. 

The cornerstone program of RMHC, the Ronald McDonald House®, provides a ‘home away from home’ for families of seriously ill children being treated at nearby hospitals.  In 1981 the first Australian Ronald McDonald House opened in Sydney’s Camperdown. There are now 16 Ronald McDonald Houses in Australia and more than 360 houses worldwide.


Kilimanjaro Consulting volunteered to participate in the ‘Make a Meal’ program. Therefore, this gave us an opportunity to engage with families in a fun and supportive environment, where we cooked dinner to give them time to relax. Please visit their website to find out how you can help and check out photos and more information about the unforgettable day we experienced with our team.


Raising awareness and funds for Men’s health

Global community bringing together men and women to have an everlasting effect on men’s health.

Each November, the tribe at Kilimanjaro gets involved in an important movement, Movember. The Movember Foundation began in Australia and is now a global movement. Movember aims to change the face of men’s health, spreading awareness and raising funds for testicular cancer, prostate cancer and men’s mental health. Consequently, every November the foundation encourages men to grow their facial hair to align themselves with the battle with cancer. 

Girls don’t need to worry! Therefore, this initiative includes things for both genders to be equally involved in. Together with the men, women are encouraged to participate by committing to walk or run 60km in the 30 days of November and fundraise. Many women and men at Kilimanjaro are committed to both of these initiatives, while collectively raising funds and raising awareness.

Moreover, getting involved in this initiative was inspired by one of our very own team members. Each year, we have lots of fun sharing all of our progress and movements with you. In order to see the great achievements we made, visit our team page here. Meanwhile, if you want to join in on the fun next time or find out how you can help, visit the Movember page and change the stigma around men’s health today!

World Wildlife Fund

Fighting the degradation of the planet’s natural environment to build a future where humans and nature can live in harmony

As the state of emergency spread across Australia, our team came together to act in response to the catastrophic damage caused by the bushfires.  Our tribe decided to support the efforts of the WWF in restoring the habitats of our native animal and plant species, as well as preventing the exacerbation of the extinction crisis. We held a morning tea to raise funds for the WWF, and collected food and resources to be taken to communities in need on the South Coast of Australia.

We strongly believe in being a part of the communities that we interact with. Our Sherpa’s hold these values dear to their hearts.

Learn more about the current situation in Australia, or contribute further to this well-deserving organisation by clicking here. All things considered, our people are our greatest assets. If we all come together, we can restore what we have lost.

We will continue to embrace these attitudes and proudly uphold our own commitment to maintaining a Social Responsibility Culture.  Follow us on our social media channels to keep in the know.