What I do at Kilimanjaro

My role as a consultant is to provide a wide range of support services to the clients of Kilimanjaro Consulting. Working in the busy Client Services team, I provide support on MYOB Exo Business and its many modules.

Thanks to the advances in technology, support can be provided efficiently via a number options including TeamViewer, remote access direct to servers, 3rd party products, phone, email and more. Most days, all the above options are used with my preference being a combination of TeamViewer and phone support. In addition to the relationship that is built from talking to a client, I feel that it is paramount to understand the exact nature of the issue in order to find the right solution. Therefore, listening to the customer, whilst watching their TeamViewer session, is a great way to gain an understanding of the problem.

What I bring to the Tribe

Prior to Kilimanjaro, I completed a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in Finance and Accounting. Combining the knowledge from this degree along with the technical skills in Exo, will equip me with the ability to solve clients’ problems and assist them in understanding any financial aspects that can arise as a result of these issues. In addition to my degree, I am completing a Chartered Accountant qualification to increase my existing accounting knowledge and improve upon the quality of service that I can provide to my clients.

Having come from a Hospitality background, I highly value customer service and understand its importance. I believe it is imperative that a high standard is achieved. I am always striving to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

Position: Support Consultant

Email: [email protected]