What I do at Kilimanjaro

My primary role is to keep the tribe moving.  Whether this is the logistics of how we continue to move (through the methodology) or the day to day running we keep moving.  It is important that our tribe is the leader in our field, moving faster than all others.  Together with this, we continually improve efficiencies and up skilling of our tribe members which in turn benefits our clients.  I ensure that all tribe members follow our Golden Rules and reinforce the importance of these on a daily basis.  I love to work with every member of the tribe and enjoy watching them grow.  I strongly believe that our people are our greatest asset.

What I bring to the Tribe

My formal qualifications are in Engineering where I majored in software engineering.  Applying the principles in engineering to software solutions is very near to my heart and something I believe in.  This can be seen through our structured methodology that has evolved with us over all these years.  It can also be seen in the internal systems we have in place such as our own Wiki and structured way of organising and presenting information.  I feel there is always a solution and an answer to every question and working these through with my team is what I bring to the tribe most.  There is no better feeling than solving what seems to be an impossible question for a client working with a team.

Jason Garrett

Position: Director: Operations and MYOB Advanced

Email: [email protected]