What I do at Kilimanjaro

My role at Kilimanjaro is to help our southern prospects to realise the potential of scalable, whole of business ERP solutions, and how they can be used to assist growth, alleviate pain, and give them a competitive advantage.  My job starts with a discussion about the prospect’s business, what difficulties they face, and what new functionality they can expect from an ERP solution.  We discuss the impact of growth on the business.  We look at the new pains and the existing ones, and what work-a-rounds, add-ons and disparate systems are still being used, and how they affected the business.  I then introduce the prospect to the benefits of partnering with Kilimanjaro using either MYOB EXO or MYOB Advanced to tackle the future.

What I bring to the tribe

As an education graduate of the state-school-closure-period of the 90’s, I had to stop and re-evaluate my future.  My interests in computers and system design lead me to information technology sales.  Starting on the phones making appointments for my seniors, I quickly moved to selling software and hardware in my own right. Eventually, I found myself in the boardrooms of my clients, talking to the directors about their business pains.  I came to Kilimanjaro Consulting with 10 years of consulting experience, helping business to benefit from technology.


Position: Consultant: Enterprise Solutions

Email: [email protected]