What I do at Kilimanjaro

My role within Kilimanjaro is constantly evolving and I love the way it keeps me on my toes. Having studied teaching and business management at UTS, learning was and will always be my primary focus. Whether it be designing and delivering custom training for highly configured sites or ensuring a UAT program is adequately catering to the needs of an organisation, my aim is to ensure that the technology we deliver is understood by the client. We have some of the smartest technical minds in the business but unless our clients can use and understand this technology, their efforts will be wasted. I am also directly involved as an implementer on a number of projects and as a result, have developed a deep respect for our methodology.

What I bring to the tribe

I have worked with a wide variety of industries in developing national training programs, as well as delivering coaching and change management programs in top tier consulting firms during my three years in the UK. This has given me strong project management and communication skills as well as a unique insight into the people who work in our client organisations.  I am particularly focused on individual and client needs and always look for the Win-Win solution. Wherever possible this is achieved through the use of coaching techniques so that everyone feels ownership of the final solution.   1 + 1 definitely equals 3.

Position: Team Leader: Implementation

Email: [email protected]