What I do at Kilimanjaro

My primary role is to work closely with the Account management team, Implementation team, Project teams and MYOB, to ensure our Support services are delivered effectively and efficiently to our clients. I ensure that my tribe members embody the company Golden Rules and encourage knowledge and personal growth within my tribe. The Level 1 Support team are often the first point of contact with clients, and I am here to make sure that our clients become advocates for Kilimanjaro.


What I bring to the Tribe

I believe I bring a wealth of personal experience to the support team. I have formal qualifications in Accounting and a background knowledge of Exo Business,  coming from many years as a user. I have had extensive experience in product support, team leadership and accounting. I encourage and support my tribe to think outside the box and understand user perspectives when finding resolutions for complex issues. However, it’s my interest in baking and my talent with cupcakes that brings the smile to my tribe.

Position: Team Leader: Support

Email: [email protected]