What I do at Kilimanjaro

My role is to “Improve efficiency in our clients’ companies through the clever use of creative, innovative and proven technology”. I do this through implementing Exo Business, upgrading to access new features and creating custom solutions using Clarity and SQL functionality.

What I bring to the Tribe

I bring experience as an end-user with Exo and Clarity, I have been the ‘Project Champion’ on the client side for implementations and process improvement. I have managed small, medium and large retail businesses and in these roles was consistently driving performance by improving processes. In each business role, I became the ‘unofficial’ systems go to person between operations and IT and as a result moved into a Business Analyst role so I could be the ‘official’ go to person instead!  At Kilimanjaro, I enjoy being one of a whole team of go to people, and having experts in different areas that can pull together to create awesome solutions.

Position: Team Leader: Specialist Development

Email: [email protected]