What I do at Kilimanjaro

I provide solutions to customers in a wide range of areas relating to Exo Business; from processing enquiries, building reports to technical questions.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge with both customers and within the tribe to empower Exo Business users with the knowledge to get the most out of their system, to make the system work for them.

What I bring to the tribe

Having worked with Exo Business since 2010 I have many years of experience with the software. I enjoy delving in deeper to learn more and more about the products.  I have had the opportunity to work with some great people that have imparted some great skills which I have a passion to share with the Tribe.  Some of these skills include scripting with SQL, Delphi programing and website development. Whilst I do not consider myself a programmer or web developer, the exposure I have had helps me to understand what is possible when it comes to customising your system to work for you, and where the limitations are.

Prior to working with EXO Business I have implemented and trained users of other software packages. I have also spent a number of years working in stock control and accounts based roles. This gives me a wide range of knowledge of working on both sides of a software package, as end user and supporting end users.

Kimberly Perry

Position: MYOB Exo Consultant – Projects Team

Email: [email protected]