What I do at Kilimanjaro

My role is to apply specialist recruitment knowledge and manage the end-to-end recruitment cycle for Kilimanjaro Consulting, while working closely with the Management Team.  I optimise the recruitment and selection processes by ensuring that best practice is upheld and by staying abreast of market practices and trends.

What I bring to the Tribe

I have 30+ years’ managerial experience across corporate, professional services and consultancy environments, including 15 years expertise in the Human Resource profession.   With this experience I have gained an understanding of organisational behaviour, as well as, an appreciation of the varied needs of businesses and people.  After establishing a successful career across various senior roles in the corporate area, (including communications and also human resources management), I transitioned my skills into the specialist arena of recruitment.  I have assisted a diverse range of industries and organisations to recruit, develop and retain their people.  I bring technical expertise to assess candidates:  who can do the job; want to become technology sherpas;   and will fit into our unique culture. (I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Masters of Arts in English).


Position: Manager: Recruitment

Email: [email protected]