What I do at Kilimanjaro

My main role at Kilimanjaro Consulting is to assist the Marketing Team with articles, video production, insightful reports, but mostly to look after Internal Communications. Within Internal Communications, I currently write the weekly, but now jovial, conversational, and most importantly, well-read Tribal News. Communication is the bridge that allows growth and productivity between teams and across lands. Video communication will be a focus into the New Year, as I edit the monthly WIP Address VODs’, and help to implement videos for the updated Training Portal.

What I bring to the tribe

My experience in writing in tone, video editing, photography, and knowledge of Marketing principles as I study my Bachelor of Communications degree provides a steady background for elevating the ways in which the Tribe communicates, both within itself and its outside image. I’m grateful I’ve the opportunity to work alongside my father.  Humour is important to me, and more than a sliver of it ‘slips’ into my work at Kilimanjaro.


Position: Media Marketing Assistant

Email: [email protected]