What I do at Kilimanjaro

My tribe responsibilities include EXO implementation, Process improvement, EXO support, and EXO training (End User, Administrator, Clarity Beginners, Clarity Intermediate and Customised Onsite training) wherein my 12 years of EXO experience was utilised coupled with my logical troubleshooting skills and vast knowledge in Microsoft SQL Servers. I also conduct EXO Demo and company visit if requested.

Working under the Tribal Chief, I recently have received the honour and duty of managing our fellow tribe In Melbourne.

What I bring to the Tribe

I was originally a member of the Exonet team in NZ, when the software was still known as ‘Exonet 3000’. I worked at MYOB for 8 years as the Support and Training Manager and then joined Kilimanjaro tribe in February 2008.

Terelou Lazarte

Position: Senior Consultant: Implementation

Email: [email protected]