What I do at Kilimanjaro

I work in Kat’s Development team and my role requires me to have a clear understanding of the clients requirements and their business processes. I scope design documents for their Custom Integration projects. Scoping and designing the integration projects is very critical as this bring out all gaps and business process flaws. This is mitigated with complex database and reporting scripting.


What I bring to the tribe

While I am new to Kilimanjaro, I do have a 7-year experience dealing with Kilimanjaro as a client and have carried over my prior knowledge of Exo and my long standing experience with the integration. My background consists of over 15 years with IT experience. Primarily around SQL , SQL reporting (SSRS), Integration (SSIS) and SQL integration using SQL Stored procedures and SQL jobs, SQL clustering for 100% uptime. I have been involved in .Net application programming and have been engaged with in-house development teams.

What I bring to the tribe is my IT and systems experience and previous experience over the years. In the last few months, I have worked closely with the other members of the development team and have had the opportunity to build platforms to cloud solutions, such as expense manager.

Position: Projects Consultant

Email: [email protected]