What I do at Kilimanjaro

My primary role is to provide internal support to all Kilimanjaro employees. This includes support to sales team, implementation team, support team, training team, and accounts team. My job is to make sure the Kilimanjaro tribe is running smoothly on a daily basis, and everyone is working happily and can have easy access to internal supplies.

I  am in charge of all clients’ license needs such as license renewal, additional license requirements etc. I need to make sure all of our clients can get their licenses renewed before the expiry date so they won’t have any issues when accessing EXO.

I also take care of administrative enquiries or correspondence with the clients. This is to make sure the general enquiries are always attended to and that our clients can have a good understanding of Kilimanjaro procedures.

What I bring to the Tribe

I have a Bachelor degree of Finance from Tongji University in China. I received my Masters degree of Professional Account from The University Of New South Wales. I have been with Kilimanjaro for 5 years, and prior to this I worked for two years at SPDB which is one of the biggest commercial banks in China. This gave me great experience in using banking and information systems.

My accounting knowledge and time management skills help me to become a confident user of EXO and manage my daily tasks effectively. I am a very well organized and out-going person. This contributes to the friendly working environment at Kilimanjaro.

Lastly, I am also a native Chinese speaker. This comes handy when we communicate with clients from a Chinese background.

Xing Tran

Position: Accounts Assistant

Email: [email protected]