An Insight Into Kilimanjaro’s Methodology

Within Kilimanjaro Consulting we have developed an implementation methodology which we adhere to that helps us understand a client’s processes and get the best out of EXO for their business. This involves analyzing the risks that come with implementing a new software and going through a number of distinct phases to ensure all business processes have been captured and configured in the new system.

In the initial meeting, we like to convey this message to the client so they are confident that all bases will be covered. On the rare occasion it can occur that the client is initially not interested in the methodology and would prefer to jump straight into a demo of the software citing the fact that they have been through a software implementation before or that they are not a complex business.

However as we progress through the demo it becomes noticeable that a lot of questions they ask relate back to how an implementation is progressed and what risks they should be paying particular attention to. When we then revert back to the methodology at the end of the meeting, they immediately become aware of how important having a well-structured methodology is to the success of any implementation!