Implementing Payroll Mid Year

Many payroll administrators shy away from implementing a new payroll system in the middle of the financial year. They sometimes prefer to  implement a new payroll system  at the start of the new financial year on 1 July. However, it can be less stressful and just as easy, to implement a new payroll system after this time.

At Kilimanjaro Consulting we follow a proven implementation methodology. We discuss the payroll design with the client, build the payroll based on the design, import year to date figures (so as to eliminate the printing of two group certificates at the end of the financial year), and have parallel runs before the Go Live of the Payroll. Every step of the implementation is checked, making for a smooth and stress free implementation.

If you think you’re better off waiting for the new financial year to start your implementation process, think again. Don’t leave it until the busiest time of year, do it now.

To find out how you can get started with your Payroll implementation, contact our team on 1300 857 464 or email [email protected].

EOFY and FBT Year End Advice from Kilimanjaro’s Employer Services Team

It’s almost Easter, and after Easter comes the next big thing: Financial Year End. That time of year when Payroll Administrators stress the most. However, you need not stress too much- now is the perfect time to start checking and balancing off your reports.

  • Balance your PAYG, employees gross earnings and any ETP’s you may have had during the year.
  • It is FBT Year End at the end of March. Start getting all that information together and you can load the figures against the relevant employees using a ‘One off pay’.  Double check your dates are correct- the FBT year runs from 01 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. If you load an employee’s figures using dates after March 2013, the figures will not appear on the employee’s Payment Summary for this financial year.
  • When printing reports, always check report options and make sure that ‘Show terminated employees’ is always ticked and print reports using physical pay date.
  • Balance your Pay summary and Superannuation reports to the employees Individual Non-Business payment summary.  By doing this now you can cut down on some of the stress you may experience at the end of the Financial Year.

Good luck and remember, we are only a phone call away if you need a hand.


7 ways to win with EXO Payroll

If you are running MYOB EXO Payroll, read these 7 Sherpa’s Secrets from one of our Payroll consultants, Julia. If you are not yet running MYOB EXO Payroll, contact our sales team to discuss the real benefits of our integrated MYOB EXO system.

1. One off pay

If you have closed your current run and an employee comes back to you saying they haven’t been paid some allowances, do not panic. Simply open a one off pay for that employee, no problem.

2. Leave Balances Report

The leave balance on the Leave Balances Report is current. Remember to print the report before you close your payroll to keep a running history.

3. Banking

Remember you can do multiple banking for your employees.

4. Short Pay

When a salaried employee is not being paid a full month, create an allowance called Short Pay and put the value in as a negative. This is neater than changing his/her salary.

5. Fringe Benefits

The Fringe Benefit year ends 31 March. Do a one-off pay to put in any fringe benefits. Be sure to check that the period dates and physical pay dates do not exceed 31 March as the fringe benefits will not print on the group certificates.

6. Payroll Tax Report Not Balancing

Check that the cost centres are correctly allocated to the correct state and that the employees have been costed to the right cost centres. Also check that all earnings, allowances and even employer super have the correct liabilities ticked.

 7. Unable to post in EXO Business

If a client who has always been able to post to EXO Business is suddenly unable to do so, you may find that an update has been done or changes have been made to their profile. As this is a rights issue, just run Network.exe as administrator and it will normally fix the problem.