The Kilimanjaro Summit

One of the highly anticipated events of the Kilimanjaro Calendar – the Kilimanjaro Summit – has finally arrived.

With double the tribal members than last year, we escaped from our daily tribal meeting place, journeying to Hawkesbury Sebel Resorts, arriving promptly at 9.15 am.

The eyes of the Kilimanjaro Baby were nearly brought to tears upon hearing about the history of Kilimanjaro for the first time. It is almost incomprehensible to the human mind knowing that from a two man tribe surviving late nights on two minute noodles; Kilimanjaro is now a strong 30 + people tribe with a wealth of knowledge, passion and drive. Years of hard work, dedication and patience has finally come to fruition.

As farmers, we pencilled a valuable list of things to help nurture and flourish new and future Kilimanjaro members. Two of the most important things are to BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP and to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Tribal members then huddled into mini clans, synergising what the tribe do well and where we can improve to continually sharpen the Kilimanjaro Spear.

Mini clans turned into one big clan as we trekked to the greenery of Hawkesbury, ready to unravel the surprise that has been kept top secret by our Admin Clan Leader Connie.

Welcome to Survivor in Hawkesbury.

The tribe was separated into three sub clans – the blue, the pink and the silver. We competed in a series of Survivor-like activities incorporating both our mental and physical skills. Shape puzzles were solved, tennis balls were thrown, Jenga pieces fell as team work flourished.

Immunity was given to not one, but to the entire Silver Clan.

Still buzzing from the Survivor Contest, we checked into our rooms to freshen up, ready for the Kilimanjaro feast.

The Kilimanjaro Baby toddled through the beautifully arranged private dining room. Her eyes beamed towards the diversity of the Kilimanjaro tribe as they willingly and happily sat next to each other. From conversations with a few, to conversations with many, the night was filled with friendly chattering, laughter and joy.

The formality of the day was ended by the speech from our rosy-cheeked Tribal Leader. He thanked us for our dedication and contribution to Kilimanjaro. Secretly, we thank him for being our leader.

The Kilimanjaro Baby toddled her way back to her room, marvelling what is to come in 2013…

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