10 Aussie startups Keran McKenzie will be watching in 2018

It’s that time of year where we sit back and think about the year that has been. I find myself thinking of all the amazing ‘startups’ I’ve met in 2017. I wanted to create a list of amazing companies (some brand new in 2017, some a little older) who are doing epic stuff – it’s hard to limit it to 10 (seriously how amazing is the Aussie startup space!!). So in no particular order:

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MYOB Exo User Group Forum – save the date

Kilimanjaro’s Exo User Group Forum runs twice a year and focuses on helping you achieve the full potential of MYOB Exo within your organisation, while we also share insights into the newest features and the latest upgrades. Our User Group Forum is an excellent opportunity to meet with other Exo users, our connected services partners, MYOB representatives and the Kilimanjaro Team.

Where is the MYOB Exo Forum held?

The User Group Forum has been growing every year, and at the last session, we extended the forum to include Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. This year we are continuing to expand and will be hosting a new forum in Auckland, New Zealand.

Why should you attend the MYOB Exo User Group Forum?

The MYOB Exo User Group Forum is a great occasion for all MYOB Exo Users to learn more about the latest in technology and how to drive business further. We discuss relevant technology trends and solutions to ensure your business is functioning efficiently, while also diving into new Exo features and the latest updates. We maintain an interactive environment by inviting special guests and speakers and provide a forum where customers can interact with one another and our team.

If you feel this forum can benefit you, your employees and your business – save date today and keep an eye out for detailed information – coming soon in January.

MYOB Exo User Group Forum dates and location:

  • Perth: Friday 16th February
  • Melbourne: Thursday 22nd February
  • Auckland: Wednesday 14th March
  • Canberra: Tuesday 20th March
  • Sydney: Friday 23rd March

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the MYOB Exo User Group Forum, please don’t hesitate to email our marketing team on marketing@k-c.com.au.

MYOB Advanced – the perfect fit for Museum of Australian Democracy

Kilimanjaro Consulting’s approach is to help our clients scale new heights in safe and trusted hands. We understand the importance of a successful software implementation in order to improve efficiency and achieve growth. Recently, Kilimanjaro concluded an effective implementation for the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) – Old Parliament House,  who were facing challenges due to growth and limited reporting capabilities.

Museum of Australian Democracy – Old Parliament House

Museum of Australian Democracy

Old Parliament House is home to the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD). The nationally listed heritage building consists of social and political history displays and artefacts. The museum prides itself on workplace diversity for all its employees and visitors. The vision and role of Old Parliament House is to emphasise the importance of Parliament to Australians and to conserve the building for both entertainment and educational programs.

As the Museum is a constantly evolving organisation, effective financial control is very important. MYOB Advanced is the perfect fit, providing separation of responsibilities and duties, as well as a scalable platform for growth.


New Cloud-Based ERP Solution from MYOB

MYOB Advanced is a relatively new product in the Australian market.  It is a cloud-based ERP solution which is aimed at larger businesses that require a business management system which covers the entire business operation, from finance to administration and everything in between. MYOB Advanced is an easy to use, web-based product, making it accessible to users anywhere and anytime. It is the perfect software for businesses that want to reap the benefits working in the cloud.

Effective MYOB Advanced Implementation

Kilimanjaro Consulting understands that providing a structured, methodological approach is essential in deriving real benefit from a new system. This is what made the MoAD implementation so successful. When we first met with MoAD representatives, we identified a variety of management challenges due to a growing number of visitors, school tours and exhibitions. They were looking for something more intuitive and user-friendly which would allow them to manage business processes more easily. Implementing MYOB Advanced led to the removal of a significant number of manual processes. Manual data entry was eliminated in purchase orders, AP payments and AR requests. Paperwork coming into the Finance department decreased by up to 75%. In essence, MYOB Advanced has given the Museum of Australian Democracy a platform for future growth.

Measuring The Risk

Our experience with software implementation has confirmed our view that the three major risks in implementation are:

  • software risk
  • implementer risk
  • self-inflicted risk

In the case of Old Parliament House, the software risk was minimal because Kilimanjaro had determined at the outset that MYOB Advanced was an extremely good fit for their specific requirements. In the case of implementer risk, Kilimanjaro’s low risk methodology and structured approach to implementing large more complex sites once again proved its worth. In the case of self-inflicted risk, the team at Old Parliament House were a pleasure to deal with, and had all the necessary skills to eliminate this area of risk.

Structured Kilimanjaro Methodology equals a smooth implementation

The team at Old Parliament House embraced our methodologies which made the implementation both smooth and successful. Whilst one may think that software is software, a far larger element of success is the implementer, the project champion, the client’s team and the change management. Kilimanjaro Consulting has incorporated all of these into its methodologies. This has driven them to become the number one MYOB Advanced implementer in Australia. When dealing with prominent or high-profile organizations, there is always a risk that a failed implementation can lead to negative publicity for the product. This case study illustrates the nexus between software, implementer and the clients team, all essential to ensure a successful outcome. It is testament to the perfect mix of all three of these elements.

Your Trusted Advisor

The experience Kilimanjaro has gained in this successful implementation for Old Parliament House shows that we are well equipped to replicate this success in other government, semi-government and non-government organizations that require this a strong General Ledger, and integrated ERP system.

Remember that when choosing your software, you do have a choice of implementers and you would be wise to cast your democratic vote for someone that has done this before.

To read the whole case study please visit our MoAD Case Study page. 

At Kilimanjaro Consulting, we can help you

  • select the right solution
  • guide you through the implementation process
  • provide on-going support

If you would like to learn more about MYOB Exo and Advanced or how to implement ERP software in your company contact us on 1300 857 464 or email us on info@k-c.com.au

Kilimanjaro’s Consulting Office Closure Notification

Our offices will be closed from Close of Business Thursday 21st December 2017. We will resume normal business on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

We will however, have a skeleton team in place to attend to any support queries you may have throughout the year-end period.

You can access support by emailing support@k-c.com.au, or by calling our after-hours support number on 1300 857 464.


License Renewal

If you believe your licenses are due for renewal during this time and we haven’t already contacted you, please call or email us before Tuesday 19th December 2017 so this can be arranged.


Our implementation teams return on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 and are looking forward to assisting you to grow your business in the New Year.

Server Moves

If you are considering making any upgrades or changes to your IT infrastructure, please get in touch with us so that we can schedule our resources to assist you. Please do not attempt to make any major changes without our input.


Please use the end of the year as a reminder to check the backups of your system. You should already have a strict backup regime in place, but make sure you test the restore process at least once a year.

2017 Annual Tribal News

MYOB Awards

In March this year, we attended the MYOB Enterprise Partner Conference in the Barossa Valley, S.A. The synergy and cooperation between MYOB and Kilimanjaro drives our success. Kilimanjaro was both humbled and honoured to receive the following prestigious awards:

  • MYOB Partner of the Year 2016
  • Excellence in Business Partner of the Year 2016
  • We retained our status as an MYOB Diamond Partner for the second year in a row

We are proud to be MYOB’s largest, most experienced and most recognised partner. This drives us to scale new heights in future years!

Kilimanjaro Consulting Swaps Major Equity Stake with ENPRISE Group

On 4th September this year, Kilimanjaro and Enprise Group (NZ – ENS) announced a share swap, in which each company obtained equity in the other.
Kilimanjaro is the largest MYOB Enterprise partner in Australia, and Enprise is the largest in New Zealand. The synergies from this deal will flow through to our clients over the next year, as we begin allocating the best resources for the job across both companies.

A larger team of specialists can deliver better solutions and better support to our clients. Service is our priority and that is the logic behind this equity swap. This is a real win-win arrangement, which allows us to achieve synergies from leveraging our dominant positions in our respective geographic markets. The ability to plan together with full visibility of each other’s strategies will be of benefit to all clients. Applying best processes, procedures and systems from each organisation, will ensure the best outcomes for clients.

Indivia Takeover

In November 2016, we took over all the MYOB Exo clients from Indivia, and all the MYOB Advanced clients from Xen. Indivia and Xen had operated in the MYOB enterprise space for a number of years, but decided to exit.

This was done at relatively short notice, and with due consideration for clients who were at risk of not having a support partner. It did place a huge additional burden on our support team. We have been gradually building up the team to an appropriate resource level, and hope to have our support standards back to where they should be, by early 2018. We thank our clients for their patience during this period.

This new group of clients are already benefitting from our Business Process Improvement program. Many of these businesses are poised for growth and have yet to experience all that MYOB Exo and Kilimanjaro can offer in terms of efficiency improvement.

Flying high with Qantas

Kilimanjaro’s managing director Ronnie Baskind had the honor of featuring on Qantas’ popular Inflight Radio Channel, “Talking Business with Alan Kohler”.  The interview was based around the channel’s main focus: business news and financial commentary. The interview focuses mainly on Ronnie’s South African farming background and how this led to the creation of Kilimanjaro Consulting. Kilimanjaro has developed into a company that is committed to nurturing and creating long-lasting relationships with clients.  The story of Ronnie’s past is unique. This provides a foundation of core values and business principles – our Golden Rules. Using traditional African leadership to guide the Kilimanjaro tribe, Ronnie and the team now manages over 65 employees and 900 client sites as the premier specialists in MYOB Enterprise Solutions.

Check out the interview by visiting iTunes or for more insight into Kilimanjaro’s journey up the ‘technology mountain’, visit our story here.

Kilimanjaro Clients

Our approach is to help clients scale new heights in safe hands. Having a trusted adviser and an experienced implementer is a vital consideration when looking for new software solutions for your organisation. One of Kilimanjaro’s clients,  Old Parliament House, (home to the Museum of Australian Democracy), took this advice on board. We completed a successful implementation of MYOB Advanced, which was an extremely good fit for their specific requirements. Our low risk methodology and structured approach has once again proved its worth.

Click here to read the full story and watch the video.


Constant growth of Kilimanjaro’s Sherpas

At Kilimanjaro, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. It is our collaborative approach and teamwork that ensures the delivery of high standards of work. Kilimanjaro has had constant growth, and recruiting new team members is a continuous process. We have appointed over 20 new staff members in the past year. As the new team members get up to speed with the products, we will be able to deliver ever-improving service to our clients.

Meet our new team members:

  • Alvin – Consultant: SAMACS
  • Chami – MYOB Exo Implementation Team
  • Chris – MYOB Exo Implementation Team
  • Denys – MYOB Advanced Team
  • Dinali – MYOB Advanced Team
  • Graham –Business Development Team
  • Guru – MYOB Exo Implementation Team
  • Gail – MYOB Advanced Team
  • Katrina – Team Leader: Specialised Projects
  • Izabela – Marketing Manager
  • Jennifer – IT Coordinator and Administrator
  • Lachlan – Network Administration Assistant
  • Lauren – Receptionist
  • Lyn – Accounts Receivable
  • Manan – MYOB Exo Implementation Team
  • Masoume – Consultant: Projects
  • Mark – MYOB Exo Support Team
  • Maryanne – MYOB Exo Support Team
  • Matt – Media assistant
  • Michael – MYOB Advanced Team
  • Olivia – Marketing Assistant
  • Sam – Consultant: Projects
  • Shaun – MYOB Exo Support Team
  • Stephen – National Manager: SAMACS


We have had to say farewell to a few team members this year. While we are always sad to lose good people, we wish them all the best for the future. Those that have moved on are:

  • Karen – Financial Manager
  • Stuart – MYOB Exo Projects Team
  • Jo – MYOB Advanced Implementation Team
  • Gregg – National Sales Manager: Enterprise Solutions. Gregg got married in Peru in August, and then returned to his native Ireland with his new Peruvian wife!
  • Jacqueline – Receptionist
  • Kim– Marketing Coordinator

That means we end the year with 16 more sherpas than we started it with.

New premises

Our company continues to grow. We have expanded our office spaces to welcome new team members and to better meet our client’s needs. Kilimanjaro’s Melbourne Office in Docklands has doubled in size and Parramatta has a new look at Unit 2, 52 O’Connell St.

The opening of new premises ensures our clients have easier access to our advisors. We welcome clients popping in to say hello and have a cup of coffee while discussing their requirements and plans.


This year saw the launch of our SAMACS team. (Strategic Account Management and Connected Services). This team is an expansion of what used to be called “Inside Sales”.

The SAMACS team is at the service of all our existing clients. Whether it is Business Process Improvement, Additional Licences, Upgrades or connected services, this team can give you the advice you need to take the next step. Many of you will have met the team at our User Groups. Our SAMACS department is growing, and now has 3 highly skilled consultants.This is an excellent free service that Kilimanjaro offers, so please make use of it.

New Alliances

Kilimanjaro puts great emphasis on the evaluation and adoption of 3rd party products that integrate with MYOB solutions. Our “Connected Services” help companies improve their unique and sometimes complicated processes, by leveraging off cloud services. As the market becomes an increasingly competitive our role is to offer our clients’ proven technologies which will allow them to manage better and make smarter decisions.  In addition to the long list of existing partnerships listed on our website, we have also acquired a number of new technology partners that offer clever solutions. This year saw  Opmetrix, TimeTrack, Dataline and expensemanager added to our list. We are certain these software solutions will have a positive impact on our clients’ businesses.


In May, Katrina King was appointed as our support desk manager. Katrina comes to us from MYOB and has had a tremendous amount of experience in managing a large support team.

We are working on our backlog of tickets, and hope that by January 2018 we will have a normal workload for our ever-expanding support team. This team has really taken the brunt of the workload that has come from the disruption in the partner channel.

An interesting fact is that our support team deals with over 1000 cases per month.

Consultant Accreditation

We pride ourselves on all of our consultants achieving relevant formal accreditation. In addition to learning Kilimanjaro processes and methodologies, our consultants are expected to gain formal recognition from MYOB. Passing the challenging MYOB exams is a great accomplishment. The accreditation gives us the confidence to give our clients guidance in regards to MYOB Exo and Advanced products and services. Kilimanjaro has over 48 MYOB accredited consultants, plus we have access to the Enprise team in NZ as well if required.

Training Courses

Kilimanjaro recognises the benefits of training as a key element to success. Our philosophy is to make our clients as self-sufficient as possible, with all MYOB modules. This year we decided to limit classroom training to Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Recognising that predefined training courses may not always meet clients’ specific training requirements, Kilimanjaro Consulting also offers customised training which is tailored to suit your specific needs. Kilimanjaro can conduct training remotely via TeamViewer or GoToTraining, depending on the requirements. Our Training team is also constantly working on developing more online training. This is available via our modern online training platform – http://kctraining.com.au/login/learnbooklogin.php

User Group Forums

Kilimanjaro’s informational MYOB Exo User Group Forums run twice a year for our existing clients. This year we extended the reach to four locations: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth. The forums give our experts the opportunity to share their MYOB Exo knowledge and experience with end-users. It is a great time for clients to exchange experiences while learning more about Connected Services, Exo features and updates.

Read more about our last MYOB Exo User Group Forum here.

Client Referral Competition

Twice a year we run an attractive Client Referral Competition, in order to generate leads and to show our appreciation for referrals. Congratulations to our March winner: Cadia Group, (who chose the 6 bottles of Grange) and our September winner, Gary Dillon from Danne Montague-King (who was the lucky winner of a 4 night holiday for 2 to Hamilton Island)! The competition is very simple: if a client of ours refers someone that may be interested in MYOB Exo or MYOB Advanced, they automatically go in the draw to win either 6 bottles of Penfolds Grange or a 4-night stay in Hamilton Island (Tough choice we know!!).


Coming Together of the Tribe

Our 8th Annual Summit was again a time for the entire Kilimanjaro tribe to reunite and discuss strategies, long-term plans, and our goals. This year’s Summit was held at The Intercontinental Hotel Double Bay and not only involved strategic planning but included a team-building exercise with our very special guest, Head Chef for the Kedah Royal Family in Malaysia, Wanitha Tanasinga. Wanitha led us through a collaborative cooking experience, motivated by her passion for food. It was amazing to hear how Wanitha likened the creation of a unique dish with various ingredients, to the tribal culture at Kilimanjaro. While each team member has unique skills and personality, it is the combination of these that create the magic that is Kilimanjaro Consulting. This experience allowed the Kilimanjaro Tribe to engage with each other strengthen the cooperation and collaboration that is at the core of our service delivery.


Corporate Social Responsibility

During 2017, Kilimanjaro continued our Corporate Social Responsibility program by working with various charities, and by volunteering. This is something close to our hearts, as we believe it is important to help others in need and engage with the world around us, to bring about change for the better where we can. This year, we supported and worked with numerous charities and initiatives such as:

  • Supporting a client in her climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Children with Autism.
  • Organising a company morning tea on R U OK Day for suicide awareness.
  • Visiting Ronald McDonald House Randwick to take part in their Make a Meal initiative, and to show support for the families staying there.

We believe our contribution is important and we encourage our whole team and our clients to make a difference where we can.

What’s in the Future?

Good things are happening in the New Year. Both Exo and Advanced have exciting roadmaps, with additional functionality and enhancements coming in both products. We will constantly be working on improving our customer satisfaction by expanding and upskilling our client services team. Our SAMACS team is always seeking innovative technology solutions to meet your unique business needs. User Groups, Newsletters and Social Media posts create opportunities for clients to learn and exchange knowledge and experiences. Our 2018 vision is to deliver higher standards with a new fresh look to boot. Watch this space!

It’s not goodbye, just see you later!

It’s 11 years since we hung up our shingle as Kilimanjaro Consulting. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, but all have been fundamental to our success. The tribe at Kilimanjaro wish our valued and trusted clients a Happy and Safe New Year. For all our informative and interesting updates throughout the New Year and beyond, follow us on our various social media channels to stay in the know – Peak Promotions, Events, Training and more. See you soon!




It’s not goodbye, just see you later!


Client Referral Competition Winner Announced

If you haven’t heard about our competition you can read more here – it’s easy as baking a cake. Essentially you need only to share the details of someone and their business that might be interested in MYOB Enterprise Level Software Solutions, like MYOB Exo or MYOB Advanced. Then, twice a year, we take all of our referral clients, put their names in a hat and “Hey Presto!”, draw the winner. The one lucky duck, lucky enough to be drawn then has a difficult choice. They can either indulge in a 4 night getaway holiday for two on Hamilton Island, or refine their tastebuds with 6 bottles of select Penfold Grange.

Kilimanjaro Consulting has been running our Client Referral Competition for 3 years now, and we are very happy to see that our clients recommend our services to their friends and colleagues. These connections made between clients and prospective clients helps re-inforce the statement that our clients are happy clients. It also builds a strong basis of co-operation between businesses Australia-wide.

November Client Referral Competition Winner

Last week we had the amazing opportunity to visit our Client Referral Competition Winner Gary Dillon from Danne Montague-King (D.M.K.), who elected to go away on a four night holiday for two to Hamilton Island.

Our journey with Danne Montague-King began 10 years ago, when we first met to discuss software opportunities. We realised that MYOB Exo would be a great fit and would allow the company to improve efficiencies and grow as their needs changed. Not only are they users of Exo, but also two additional Connected Services, being BlueEchidna and Phocas. We are pleased to see our client making great use of Exo Products and the associated solutions.



We would like to thank Gary for all the trust he has put into Kilimanjaro, as he had confidence in putting us in contact with one of his colleagues. It’s an honour to be Danne Montague-King’s trusted advisor. Wishing you an amazing holiday, Gary. We hope to see more photos this time from the trip to Hamilton Island!

A reminder to all Sherpa’s and clients that the next round of our Client Referral Competition is now open, and will be drawn in April 2018. Click here to be one step closer to your dream getaway!

Enprise Group Reports 22 percent profit increase

AUCKLAND, 1 December 2017. Enprise Group (NZAX: ENS) today reported strong year-on-year growth in revenue and profit for the half-year to September 30, 2017.

Total half-year revenue rose 10.40% to $4.7 million. Of this, Australian revenue grew 17% to $1.02 million and New Zealand revenue grew 9% to $3.7 million. Net profit for the period rose 22% to $393,000. Cash and bank balances were $265,000 at period end.


Read More

Kilimanjaro Consulting Partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia

Kilimanjaro Consulting has recently embarked on a journey with Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia (RMHC), placing respect for others above all else.

If you’re not clued up, RMHC Australia was founded in 1974 with the objective of helping seriously ill children and their families across Australia. They offer a number of initiatives to provide a home away from home for those folks in need; including, but not limited to: Houses, Family Rooms, Family Retreats, Learning Programs and Care Mobile.  RMHC has 13 house chapters across QLD, NSW, TAS, WA, SA and VIC that work locally to run the programs and support families in need. In 2016 alone, RMHC supported 7.1 million ill children globally. In light of this we aim to give back to their outstanding efforts and alleviate some pressures they may be facing.

Kilimanjaro’s Involvement

Our extended co-operation with Ronald McDonald House began at our 10th Year Anniversary Gala Dinner, where we were lucky enough to have James Antrim speak on behalf of RMHC. He candidly did so last year to raise awareness of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

At that time as MYOB’ largest partner and the only Diamond status partner we have been privileged to choose one charity to which we could provide software and our services. The obvious choice had brought us excellent partnership between RMHC and Kilimanjaro.

MYOB Exo Running Smoothly in RMHC

Since 2016, Kilimanjaro has implemented and sustained MYOB Exo and Payroll to all chapter houses. We have gotten to know the teams at each location and are amazed at the work and support they provide to their local communities. The implementation process was a seamless tapestry for all houses and we were more than happy to guide them through their MYOB Exo and Payroll

journeys. In “Now” terms? We hosted an all-out Make-A-Meal Event for the Randwick House on Thursday, the 2nd of November, completed with the all-Australian proud tradition of an out-door Barbie!

Partnership Impact

We are honored to be part of this new initiative with RMHC and look forward to our ongoing relationship ahead. Beyond providing software support and guidance, Kilimanjaro will be getting involved with RMHC’s Corporate Partnerships scheme where we visit local Houses, participate in a range of activities and play a small part in helping the children. In this sense we are not only giving back to a loyal client, but giving back for the teensy bit of joy we hope to bring the families.

If you would like to learn more about Ronald McDonald House Charities, read their stories, or find ways to get involved, please visit their website and join us in this exciting endeavor. Keep an eye on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to see how the Kilimanjaro Tribe is giving back.



Kilimanjaro Cooks For Ronald McDonald House Charity Randwick

What Ronald McDonald House Charity is about?

Ronald McDonald House Charity aims to keep families together by providing a ‘home away from home’ for those with seriously ill children living in regional areas. It began back in 1974, when Philadelphia Eagles football player Fred Hill and his wife Fran were struggling as they lived their days in and out of the hospital eating out of vending machines while their daughter was treated for Leukaemia. Fred saw numerous families in a similar position and begun raising funds to purchase a house nearby the hospital to make it easier for those in tough times. Willingly, McDonald’s agreed to help fund this and donated proceeds following their launch of the ‘Shamrock Shake’. Thus, Ronald McDonald House Charity was born.

Currently, there are 16 Ronald McDonald Houses in Australia and more than 360 houses worldwide. Our tribe visited the Randwick House, that provides a home for 32 families a night, all year round. The house not only provides facilities for families travelling a long way for their children but takes away the stress of trying to find affordable accommodation while navigating around a foreign city so that they are able to focus on what truly matters – their children.

Make a Meal Initiative

Ronald McDonald House has created a safe and convenient place that families can easily come home to after a long and exhausting day at the hospital with their ill children. In these vulnerable situations, worrying about their child’s wellbeing is the main priority; therefore cooking a meal is usually the last thing on their mind. This is why the Make a Meal program means a lot more than just cooking dinner. These families are able to relax after a long day of stress and anxiety and feel the support of the community

Kilimanjaro raises their hand to help

Kilimanjaro Consulting were privileged to be able to have the opportunity to engage in this cause by participating in Make a Meal to provide nurture and support to the families. As a team, we prepared a variety of foods to ensure all the families were able to enjoy their favourite meal. We began by making a pumpkin and sweet potato soup, followed by assorted side salads and an array of meat on the barbecue and pasta bake.

“The engine-room of the house are the volunteers. Each one has an inspiring story to tell. I would recommend each of you to, at some point in your lives, to volunteer for a cause such as this. It is a lesson in the strength of the human spirit and a reminder of how small things can make a big difference.” – said Ronnie Baskind – Managing Director of Kilimanjaro Consulting

One of a kind experience

Finally, Make a Meal was a one of a kind experience. We were given the opportunity to make an impact on the families in their home away from home, meeting resilient and inspiring people while bonding with one another within our tribe. We felt that we made a difference to a meaningful and lasting cause.

In participating in this initiative for Ronald McDonald House, the many benefits one can receive may not be immediately apparent. We connected with the resilient families and learned how they are able to overcome adversity. The team-building exercise of feeding 80 people gave us a sense of personal warmth to both our tribe and to the families.


2017 MYOB Exo User Group Forum

MYOB Exo User Group Forum

Kilimanjaro runs an MYOB Exo User Group Forum twice a year for our clients to exchange their knowledge and experiences. Our mission is to create an interactive, collaborative and useful learning environment, allowing our Exo users to understand the full potential of the software. We offer insights into the newest versions and available features. The forum is an exclusive opportunity to meet the Kilimanjaro team, MYOB representatives and exceptional guest speakers.

MYOB Exo In the Know

Throughout September to October this year, we ran a series of  MYOB Exo User Group Forums around the theme “Empowering the Mobile Workforce”. The forum incorporated two carefully chosen guest speakers from our Connected Services portfolio: Opmetrix and expensemanager. As the forum has become increasingly popular we have extended it to four locations across Australia. This year we met with over 80 clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.


The winner of the Client Referral Competition

Our Melbourne User Group Forum was particularly exciting as we drew and announced the winner of our Client Referral Competition and Gary Dillion from Danne Montague-King was the lucky winner of a 4 night holiday for two to Hamilton Island. Our Client Referral Competition is aimed at existing clients of Kilimanjaro Consulting and is very simple: send us the details of someone you know that may be interested in MYOB Exo or MYOB Advanced, and you enter the draw for a 4 night holiday for two to Hamilton Island OR 6 bottles of Penfolds Grange to the same value. For more information or to send a referral, check out our competition page.

We thank all our clients who attended the MYOB Exo User Group Forum. We believe it is a great way to keep in touch with our valued clients and engage with one another on a regular basis. It also gives us the opportunity to take on board genuine feedback about the products and our services. The next series of User Group Forums will take place early next year, so keep your eyes open for our newsletter with registration details.

A few words from our valued customers

“Very good morning – up to the usual high standards, thanks to the team!” – Hugh “Well organised and structured. Thank you :)” – Brook “I am a very new user of Exo, completed training the last 3 days and found the forum very informative” – Jane

If you are interested to be informed about the upcoming User Group Forum please email our marketing team at marketing@k-c.com.au

Strategic Business Owners Winning the Race to Success

Seasoned racegoers will know that the winner seldom leads the race from the starting gun. It is the job of the jockey to think strategically. He has to gauge the relative strength of his competitors. He has to take into account the external factors such as the condition of the race track. In business,  the business owner performs a similar role. He has to take into account all factors, internal and external, and then create a strategy that will get him first past the winning post. Of course, this does not happen in an instant. Years of breeding and training go into creating a winner. In addition to the horse and jockey, there is always a team of breeders, vets, lorimers, groomers and farriers that focus on preparing the horse for the big race. To create a winner, every one of these people needs to be an expert in their field. Not only must the horse be prepared for the race but the owners, the jockey, the course stewards, the bookmakers, the caterers, the facilities management all have to be up to a high standard to ensure a successful race day.

In the same way, business accounting software is just one element in the mix that makes a successful company. A lot of hard work from many people in your team goes into getting all elements to combine and win the race.

Preparing for Success

As you get closer to race day, some decisions need to be made that are going to be critical to your chance of success. There is also a certain sequence in the way things need to be done. In business, the race is a long one, like the Melbourne Cup.

While choosing the winning horse can be left to luck, with business accounting software you can reduce your risk of selecting the wrong horse by getting advice from the experts.

You need to prepare your business to make sure it is ready for the software system you select. Simply implementing a new business accounting system on its own will not win you the race. Your company processes, systems, responsibilities, procedures and people all work together to win the race.

Understanding your competitors

Business is about competitive advantage and business accounting software is one of the tools you can use to improve this. But you need to know the areas in which you are weaker than your competitors in order to focus on improving these.

The first steps in preparing for new business accounting software is the selection of the software itself. Kilimanjaro selected MYOB as their strategic partner in Enterprise solutions. Not only are the solutions localised for the Australia and New Zealand markets, but they are best of the breed.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Each business is unique and each software package has a unique set of functionality that suits a particular business. The vendors of the software will know the relative strengths and weaknesses of the software packages they support. As an example, MYOB Exo is extremely strong in inventory based businesses, job costing and integration. It is suitable for bills of materials, but not for complex manufacturing. MYOB Advanced has its major strength in general ledger-centric businesses. The preferred method of deployment is also a consideration. For some businesses software as a service (SASS) is essential while for other businesses this may not be possible.

Make sure you talk to a reputable channel partner who will be upfront with you about the strengths and weaknesses of each of their products. Beware of the Tout.

Pacing yourself to the Finish Line

The structure of the software also needs to be understood. If your business requires segregation of responsibilities, you need a software package that has been built to enable this. On the other hand, if your business has not yet reached a stage where this is necessary, you will be much better off with a permissions-based structure. MYOB Advanced has been created from the ground up with segregation of responsibilities. Smaller businesses will find this frustrating while larger businesses have this as a basic requirement.

Once you have selected the product, the hard work begins. Most implementers will have a structured methodology. This series of steps will comprise a design phase (or discovery phase), a build phase, a user acceptance testing phase, and a go-live phase. Implementers with a track record of success will follow their methodology to reduce risk and to ensure a successful outcome.

There is no point in entering a horse into a major race unless it is well prepared, ready and has an equal chance of winning. Our team at Kilimanjaro will not let you go live until we are confident that you are well prepared. We will be there with you every stride of the way.

Don’t leave the future of your business to luck. Contact us today.

Soul Origin teams with MYOB for the perfect franchise solution

Australia’s fastest growing franchise business Soul Origin has identified MYOB software as a must have for growth, migrating its head office and franchisees onto the Australian online software provider.

The fresh food franchisor has upgraded to MYOB’s online ERP solution MYOB Advanced and all franchisees have been migrated onto AccountRight.

While researching online business software solutions, Soul Origin CEO Chris Marvis said the company was looking for the best software available and an integrated system that could support its fast-growing team of franchisees.

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