End of Year Celebrations at Kilimanjaro

The Kilimanjaro tribe gathered from all corners of Australia on Friday, December 14th for a team dinner in Circular Quay to celebrate an enjoyable and successful 2012.

Although the iconic view of the Opera House was overshadowed by a large cruise liner, the leader of our tribe delivered a memorable speech that acknowledged the enormous effort that each team member has contributed this year. It was incredible to hear that at the time of booking the function, the Kilimanjaro team was only made up of 20 individuals. Now, we are a team of 36 spanning across Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. By the end of the speech, the cruise liner was well on its way and we were treated to bright lights and a beautiful view.

Great food, fantastic company and many laughs were shared by all, and the night perfectly captured the essence of the Kilimanjaro tribe. With such a high standard of celebrations achieved, it’s now up to our management team to start planning for 2013 (and start searching for a venue that will fit our constantly growing tribe!)

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The Telstra Business Awards from the Eyes of a Marketing Assistant

On Wednesday July 25th, the Kilimanjaro team attended the 2012 NSW Telstra Business Awards Gala Dinner. Nominated as finalists, this was our night to shine and be recognised for our business efforts. Let me assure you, this was no easy feat.

Being nominated for the Business Awards is one thing, but going through with the entry form is an entirely different game. Having only been at Kilimanjaro for a few months, entering the Telstra Business Awards was one of the first big tasks I had to accomplish as the Marketing Assistant. Part of this job was convincing Ronnie to take hours out of his time to sit with me and go through the rigorous entry process.

Slowly but surely we managed to complete the 50-odd page document that would secure our entry. Although a challenging experience it really gave me, as a newcomer, the chance to properly understand Kilimanjaro’s values and mission. Put simply, I learned “how we do things here”.

It wasn’t long before Ronnie received the call informing us that Kilimanjaro had been shortlisted for a site visit by two judges. What followed was weeks of preparation as we organised our documentation, spruced up the office and informed our team, the Kilimanjaro tribe, of our status.

Fast-forward a few weeks. The judges visited 3 weeks ago, and we’re still yet to hear anything.

Then one quiet Friday morning, I hear Kilimanjaro’s bell ringing with victory as Ronnie informs us that we had made it as finalists. This was a huge achievement for the entire team, and validated all of the effort which Ronnie and his management team had put into creating Kilimanjaro Consulting. This was testament to our dedicated sherpas and the product we implement, MYOB EXO.

After a busy few months and the end of a financial year, July rolled around and it was time for us to attend the NSW Gala Dinner. Prior to that, Ronnie and I attended a Business Workshop held by Telstra for all 24 of NSW’s finalists. It was an amazing opportunity to meet the other finalists, learn about their businesses and understand why they had chosen to enter the awards. It was clear that each of the finalists was driven by passion, dedication and a true belief in their business goals. It was an inspiring evening in the lead up to the event the following night.

Come Wednesday, the Kilimanjaro office was abuzz with excitement in preparation for the big night. Seventeen of our team members attended the awards, three of whom had flown in from Brisbane and Melbourne. As stated by Anne Fulwood at the Business Workshop the evening before, the Gala Dinner was an opportunity to celebrate our business success. The judging had already been done- this night was purely to acknowledge our fantastic achievements.

The winner of the Commonwealth Bank Medium Business Award was Vietnamese restaurant Red Lantern, established by Luke Nguyen in Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. In the end, it didn’t matter that we weren’t the winners of our category. Although it would have been the cherry on top, we were content to be finalists sharing the spotlight with other fantastic NSW businesses. Plus, now that we’ve made it this far the first time round, there’s no stopping us next year.

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Please take a look at Kilimanjaro’s Facebook or Flickr pages to see some photos from the event.

Kilimanjaro Gets Social

Kilimanjaro has decided to jump on to the social media phenomenon by signing up to three key sites- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We will be updating both our Twitter and Facebook with links to interesting blogs and articles; photos of the Kilimanjaro team in action; helpful videos and some witty status updates along the way. And if you’re looking for some more information about our team, have a look at our company LinkedIn page.

We want to communicate with our clients and start a conversation.

Don’t be shy, come say hello:




Kilimanjaro Launches Canberra Office

On Friday March 23rd, Kilimanjaro Consulting held a seminar for accountants, trusted advisers and other parties at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra.

The seminar was aimed at informing these advisers about MYOB EXO and Kilimanjaro.

The seminar was a fantastic opportunity for Kilimanjaro to promote the launch of our new office in Canberra.

“At Kilimanjaro we pride ourselves on creating strong and long-lasting alliances with our clients. Our company is growing rapidly, and the decision to open an office in Canberra comes as a result of good growth in the ACT. We feel that a physical presence in Canberra will allow us to serve these clients better”, said Managing Director Ronnie Baskind.

“We now have a network of offices across the country, with a substantial Head Office in North Sydney. We have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and now the ACT. This means we can ensure excellent service to our current and future clients, and strengthen our ties with them”

The new office in Canberra is located at:

Kilimanjaro Consulting
Tower A, Level 5
7 London Circuit
Canberra ACT 2600

For further information about the offices, or for future Accountants Seminar dates, please feel free to contact Kiki on 1300 857 464