Howdy Partner!

“OK. Decision has been made. We’ll now use MYOB EXO!”

The statement above is very typical in a business that is growing and looking to have an ERP solution to cater their expansion. However, the decision does not end there. The next critical question to answer is – “Who will help us successfully implement this?” Hopefully this short article on partnership will help to ease your decision making.

Let me start with a story.

There is a rich and beautiful woman, who has many investments, however is quite stressful, has lot of fears in her mind and wanting someone to help her manage and grow her wealth. Then came a long her old high school friend; one handsome and intellectual man, who coincidentally is an investment specialist that knows his domain.  In short, the woman tells him all about her concerns and problems and the man agrees to help her with her investments. In time, the woman’s wealth doubled due to the man’s knowledge. As the pair sees each other daily to talk about investments, the woman fell in love with the man and they were married. However, sadly after one month of marriage, the man left the woman with half of the wealth. And of course, it turned out that the man had originally planned on stealing the woman’s wealth after all through this relationship.

So, what can we learn from the above tragic story? Is it about being careful with your money? Is it about choosing the right investment planner? These are good learning points, but I’d like to highlight the most important of all – choosing the right partnership for life. That is, where the woman should have chosen the right man to walk through her seasons together, even after they walk down the aisle.

I would like to tie this partnership idea to selecting an implementing partner for your ERP solution. Some implementers may choose to run away with your business or money – before, during, or even after an ERP project is finished. Hence, an implementer’s credibility and trust is crucial.

Here at Kilimanjaro we engage our customers as long-life partners. Throughout the journey from implementing your first EXO system, entering your first transaction in EXO, and right through to contacting us for EXO support, our dedicated team will be there to assist and provide the right solution. We look forward to making your MYOB EXO experience as a successful one to treasure.

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