Kilimanjaro Tames the Wild West

Making Plans

The first discussions regarding opening a Kilimanjaro office to support our existing client base in Western Australia were held in April 2012, and plans began to take shape. I started working for Kilimanjaro in August 2012, with my first exposure to Kilimanjaro, EXO and the Perth market a very rewarding one. In the first few days I shadowed Sean, one of our senior consultants, while he conducted an intensive three day Business Process Improvement consultation for a Perth customer.

The Iceberg Effect

Coming from the background of a bigger ERP system (SAP) I had assumed – incorrectly as it turned out – that EXO would be simple to master. I quickly discovered that there was ‘more under the hood’ then first meets the eye. The fact that EXO screens are user friendly and easy to navigate suggests that what you see is what you get – but in truth what you see is often the proverbial tip of the iceberg with a lot of functionality and configuration options out of sight. This is exactly what allows EXO to be individually tailored for each specific customer. Fortunately I have the full weight of the support, implementation and project teams in Sydney and Melbourne to assist with scaling the iceberg. I can honestly say I have never worked with as professional, welcoming and helpful a group of people in many years of consulting, and it’s easy to see why Kilimanjaro has grown rapidly to be the largest and most trusted implementer of MYOB EXO in Australia.

Progress So Far

We have confirmed our commitment to WA with an office in Perth and have all our systems in place. Most customers know where to find us, and I have been able to meet many of them in person and spend some time starting to understand their business.  Kilimanjaro looks set to be signing up several new implementations in Perth in 2013, continuing to grow organically, and continuing to extend our quality support to our Western Australia customers. All systems go!