Getting to know the Solution Squad: Robyn

A little about Robyn…

I have 10 years’ experience as a support consultant with other accounting software. This gives me a broader range of experience with problems and their various solutions. My knowledge of accounting and experience working in finance positions give me the ability to assist with in depth accounting related queries. I usually work on Ledger Reconciliations and GL queries, as this is now my specialty.

I enjoy assisting and helping our tribe members, working with others and solving problems. My willingness to help clients find solutions to their processing problems and difficulties promotes a more honest and personalised relationship. I am gratified by knowing that most days I help our clients have a better / easier day.

In the office I am easy to get along with, on the up-side I provide some ‘aussie’ humour to encourage a happy and enjoyable environment. After a hard day of work I can go home and hang out with my beloved pussycats Sula and Smokey and discuss our day!

Sula at work

Sula at my desk!