Embrace Flexibility and Reach New Heights

In February, I was asked to attend the SalesFlex course conducted by Malcolm Dawes from dta Worldwide. Initially, I was wondering why I was included in the SalesFlex training because I thought the training will just be focused on sales and marketing. To my delight, the training was catered to benefit not only sales staff but also people from implementation and support and can also be applied to daily lives.

Let me summarize and share with you what I’ve learnt in the training program:

There are three Buyer Influencers

1. Interpersonal Dimensions – cluster of habitual behaviors individuals use when dealing with other people.

  • Responding – the way we respond to other people and this ranges between ‘Reserved’ and ‘Open’
  • Influencing – the way we influence other people in order to obtain what we want and ranges between ‘Direct’ and ‘Indirect’

2. Buying Process Dimensions – the habitual behaviors buyers use when organizing and making decisions.

  • Organizing – the way a buyer attends to detail and structures their time when handling purchases, and ranges between ‘Precise’ and ‘Casual’
  • Deciding – the way a buyer takes action and makes decision, and ranges between ‘Cautious’ and ‘Quick’

3. Behaviour Flexibility Factor – the ability of a person to ADAPT both Interpersonal Dimensions and Buying Process Dimensions to meet individual buyer’s interaction preferences.

By learning the person’s Interpersonal dimensions (responding, influencing) and Buying Process dimensions (organizing, deciding), you can then  temporarily and subtly modify your behavior TOWARDS that persons behavior to increase his comfort level dealing with you and achieve the results that YOU want.

Remember, flexibility in behavior makes a human win hearts.  Let me quote one of Nelson Mandelas word of wisdom … ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in HIS language, that goes to his heart.’

Maximum Discount Tip

1. Set user discount limit on Staff setup, Authority tab.



2. When the user enters a discount on the Sales Order screen, the system validates this to the maximum discount allowed (set on the user Authority tab in Step 1). A pop up message will appear if the discount rate is exceeded and the discount can’t be saved.