Posted on: Friday February 02nd, 2018

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is a worldwide recognised charity that offers houses, family rooms, family retreats and learning programs for families of seriously ill children who need hospital care away from their homes.  RMHC currently has 13 house chapters across Australia that support these families in need with facilities and thoughtful initiatives.

As their mission is to create, find and support programs to ensure children are with their families during hospitalization, we felt obliged to make their work as simple and as easy as possible.

The problem

Although Ronald McDonald House Charity is one institution, all houses run their fundraising support programs individually. All chapter houses are responsible for maintaining their own sets of accounts. This involved keeping track of financials on a national level, manually. As the charity was growing there was an increasing concern regarding the efficiency and precision of their work. The process started to become messy, complicated and very time-consuming. Since 2008 RHMC has been using MYOB premier which, for this type and size of the company, became restricting.  RMHC felt a national headache was impending.


Kilimanjaro’s approach was to ensure the global charity was able to work smarter with improved efficiencies due to better financial management and reporting. Well implemented ERP software was a solution to all accounting and reporting problems of the growing Charity. MYOB Exo has been set up to provide a central information system and technology environment with individual databases for each of the 13-chapter houses. All reports have been standardized and the National Office is finally receiving financial information on time. Exo has given RMHC efficiency and consistency so that all 13-chapter houses have stable communication by cutting out all of the unwanted manual labour and paperwork.

“Kilimanjaro did an excellent job,” Adam says. “Their team is very easy to work with, and they have great project management skills. Their service desk is another terrific partnership benefit.”

We are proud to have made a contribution to the Ronald McDonald House Charities on a national level through financial business information that Exo provided them.