SAP Business One

The Good

  • Strong, solid brand with a long history
  • High quality, mature product
  • Large number of users worldwide
  • Good user experience
  • Large company with sufficient resources to support and develop the product
  • Preferred by overseas owned companies by virtue of the SAP brand, and being perceived as an international product
  • Good network of software solution partners
  • Upgrade path to SAP Business by Design and SAP Business All In One
  • Incorporates industry best practice
  • Online and context sensitive help
  • Integrated CRM
  • platform
  • Comprehensive support
  • Good fit for MRP and operations/distribution

The Bad

  • Complexity of implementation means more expensive to implement than some less complex products
  • Localisation may not be a priority as the parent company is not Australian. Changes to legislation such as Payroll or local taxes may not be incorporated timeously
  • Country specific financial and reporting requirements
  • Access to the SQL backend restricted to the interface provided by SAP
  • Reporting through Crystal Reports may be too complex for end users
  • Integration only through exposed objects in the SDK
  • While SAP claims the product is for small enterprises, this is probably in a US context (where small enterprises are a different size in comparison to Australia)
  • Financials may not be comprehensive enough for sophisticated small companies

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