Every year, Kilimanjaro Consulting hosts various End of Year processing seminars for those interested in completing the financial year end stress-free. The courses are delivered in two ways – seminars (classroom based) and webinars (online). Each session we hold is approximately 1 hour long and will cover the EXO Business and EXO Payroll modules only.

EXO Payroll:

The year end processing seminar for EXO payroll will cover the following topics:

  • Print Payment Summaries
  • Report PAYG to the ATO
  • Loading Reportable FBT
  • Show Reportable Super on Payment Summaries

EXO Business:

The year end processing seminar for EXO finance will cover the following topics:

  • Roll end of financial year successfully
  • Use the End of Period checklist to identify reconciliation issues
  • Use appropriate reports to identify causes of General Ledger imbalances
  • Create new General Ledger budgets
  • Setup new budgets for the Analytics modules

To find out more information about our upcoming seminars, please call 1300 857 464 or contact [email protected]