Seed Distributors

One of the largest producers of seed in Australia, Seed Distributors had been using MYOB Premier for six years before it began to feel too limiting for the company’s needs.

They were encouraged by another seeds person to research MYOB Exo, and they have not looked back since. Exo’s highly customisable features make it simple to create systems designed specifically for Seed Distributors.

To read just how much MYOB Exo has impacted positively on Seed Distributors, please take a look at the Case Study.


Located in Waikato, New Zealand, WETiT is a small business which designs and manufactures automatic teat sprayers for dairy farms.

A fundamental component of their business is the management and relationship building they have developed with their clients. The system they used prior to MYOB Exo did not cater for their customer management requirements or their R & D needs.

Since their EXO implementation, WETiT has received major benefits, particularly from Exo’s highly customised functionality and from the Clarity report writing system.

For more information about WETiT’S MYOB Exo story, please read their Case Study.


It is no surprise that Nippy’s, founded in South Australia in the 1930’s, had had a change in their management system since its inception. With a more horizontal structure, Nippy’s has found it increasingly important to be able to access information from all parts of the business.

Their answer came in the form of MYOB Exo, whose functionality suited Nippy’s to a tee- namely reporting, multiple access, sound stock control and bill of materials.

An attractive aspect of Exo was its up-to-date, real-time information that was easily accessible anuser-friendlyly.

To learn more about Nippy’s experience with MYOB Exo, please read their Case Study.

Midstate Machinery

Midstate Machinery was established in 2001 and is an Australian owned business which sells to farmers statewide. The company now has 35 dealerships selling and servicing both large and small tractor and agricultural machinery brands.

Being divided into three areas- spare parts, sales, and workshops; Midstate’s stock management and customer information systems became complicated to follow and manage. Having already been using MYOB’s Premier system, Midstate were looking for a similar system which included extra benefits like job costing, asset management, stock control and hire tracking.

For more information, take a look at the Midstate Machinery Case Study.

Midland Irrigation

Midland Irrigation was founded in 1973 in Bendigo and has since grown to include a second branch in Ballarat.

For the Midland Irrigation team, an integrated solution that incorporated point-of-sale, job costing, stock control and reporting was necessary for their business to flourish. The company needed a system that would grow with them, and they found their solution in MYOB Exo.

For more information, please read the Midland Irrigation MYOB Exo Case Study.


Chapman Grove Wines

Chapman Grove Wines is a privately owned company based in Western Australia. Having only been founded in 2005, they have experienced rapid growth in their company and were looking for a reliable and rich management system to meet all of their requirements.

Having looked at multiple options, it appeared there was no match for MYOB Exo thanks to its broad functionality and reasonable pricing. What was critical for Chapman Grove Wines was integrated stock control and customised reporting, both available on  MYOB Exo.

A key component that drew Chapman Wine Groves to MYOB Exo was its instant visibility- meaning quick and easy access to critical data.

For more information, have a read of the Chapman Wine Groves Case Study.