Adams Pest Control

Adams Pest Control is one of the oldest pest control companies in Australia. Formed in 1944, it now has a staff of more than 90 and includes recognisable brands like Peter the Possum Man.

The organisation was using a DOS-based mainframe system to record sales and process general ledger accounting. It was stable enough but offered almost no transparency in the business.

Adams Pest Control fired off a quick email to MYOB outlining their situation and almost immediately got a reply saying ‘we’ve got a product and we can help you’.” That product was MYOB Exo.

They chose MYOB Exo because of it’s scalability, and it’s terrific value for money.

Davis Ogilvie

Davis Ogilvie has been in business for 75 years and has experienced rapid growth over the last six years, with staff numbers jumping from 25 to 95.  With such growth and a number of branches, it was necessary for the company to find a system with high functionality.

For the management team, MYOB Exo has helped increase visibility of all the business movements. This is further enhanced by Exo’s customised reporting functionality. With ‘up to the minute management’, the management team at Davis Ogilvie can make better, more informed decisions.

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