Taskmaster Hardware

Taskmaster Hardware is an Australian-owned, national distributor of home, trade and gardening hardware.

The business was founded in 1985 and in 2011, the Taskmaster business was acquired. A priority for new management was to review their systems. The management team believed there was a business system that would be better aligned with Taskmaster’s requirements; one that was scalable, user-friendly and cost-effective to name a few.

The Taskmaster team were put in touch with Kilimanjaro, who rose to the challenge of providing a quick, effective implementation. Understanding the short time frame, we addressed Taskmaster’s requirements swiftly to ensure the process was smooth and completed timeously. Our MD Ronnie Baskind credits both Taskmaster and Kilimanjaro for their dedication to the project. “Straight away, everyone was on board to cohesively assess Taskmaster’s needs and use Kilimanjaro’s methodology to ensure the implementation was successful.”

Bernadette Meehan led the implementation team at Kilimanjaro to ensure the deployment of MYOB Exo went smoothly for Taskmaster. “The people at Taskmaster were determined to have Exo implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible, which meant they were eager to learn the system. We trained two champions who then created system sheets to distribute to the rest of the team. They really showed how much they were willing to learn in such a short amount of time”.

Once Taskmaster had seen just how capable the team at Kilimanjaro was, they decided to integrate their systems by adding MYOB Exo Payroll.

The Taskmaster team are confident that MYOB Exo is flexible enough to grow as the business does. Furthermore, they are impressed at how easy MYOB Exo is to use- improving efficiencies all around.

To learn more about Taskmaster’s experience with MYOB Exo and Kilimanjaro, please read the Case Study.


Arcadia was founded in 1996 and acts as both an IT Consultancy and sole distributor of EIZO LCD monitors.

Arcadia had previously run MYOB Premier, which provided a solid backbone to the business. However, it failed to address Arcadia’s complex distribution needs. To compensate for information that was not accounted for in Premier, Arcadia also had a myriad of spreadsheets to track their variables.

Having experienced high growth in 2003 and struggling between Premier and multiple spreadsheets, it was time for Arcadia to source a new business management system. What won them over was MYOB Exo’s customisable functionality.

They met with the Kilimanjaro Consulting team to begin the implementation process.

“The thing we had to focus on for Arcadia was customising MYOB Exo around a low product range that was distributed to a high number of clients. Critical to customising the system correctly was Kilimanjaro’s understanding of Arcadia’s requirements”, said Director of Operations, Jason Fegan.

Kilimanjaro set about customising MYOB Exo to suit Arcadia’s needs. Key to the implementation was Exo’s strong Serial Number Tracking ability. Jason said “it worked really well for Arcadia because their serial numbers aren’t known until after invoicing. Exo’s flexibility allowed the serial numbers to be retrospectively updated to the system so the serial number tracking was correct.”

Now running MYOB Exo, Arcadia has improved their internal efficiencies. Although MYOB Exo held the promise of a powerful, effective management system, the standout feature from Arcadia’s perspective was Kilimanjaro’s implementation approach and constant support.

To read more about Arcadia’s experience with MYOB Exo and Kilimanjaro, please have a look at the Case Study.