Catering Industries

Catering Industries is established in over 75 sites across Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, and has over 700 employees. Started in 1977, they are one of Australia’s largest, most recognised catering providers.

The business used MYOB Premier for the better part of a decade but found it had its limitations due to a large number of transactions and users going through the system.

What set MYOB Exo apart was the opportunity to work with Kilimanjaro, and what set Kilimanjaro apart was our determination to find a solution to meet Catering Industries’ needs.

To understand the company’s requirements, Kilimanjaro set about undertaking a detailed review to be discussed with Catering Industries. “By assessing and understanding Catering Industries’ needs, we ensured we were on the same page and could provide the best solution possible”, said Kilimanjaro’s Managing Director Ronnie Baskind.

“With 75 facilities nationwide, it was critical for Catering Industries to attain accurate, detailed costings in each site’s P&L. The P&L systems are used so extensively and specifically, and this was all through the configuration of MYOB Exo. The knowledge of these requirements could only be attained through a thorough, detailed design phase”, said our Director of Operations, Jason Fegan.

This customisable configuration is the best part of MYOB Exo for Catering Industries.

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National Foodservice Equipment

Based in WA, National Foodservice Equipment is a leading supplier and distributor to the hospitality industry.

The company has experienced growth, now boasting 24 employees spread over two locations in WA. This growth provided the opportunity to source a more robust system. Having been on MYOB Premier, it seemed the natural choice to stick within the MYOB family of products.

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Fiorland Lobster Company

The Fiorland Lobster Company was established more than 20 years ago and is a market leader in New Zealand lobster exports.

With much business taking place overseas, it made sense for the company to source a management system that could handle foreign currencies, and took care of the both the accounting and fishing sides of the business.

To read more, please take a look at the Fiorland Lobster Company Case Study.

Daiwa Food Corporation

Daiwa Food Corporation is one of Victoria’s major importers and distributors of Japanese food in retail, catering and hospitality. They have grown exponentially and opened their second office in South Australia.

The expiry of Daiwa’s licence with their previous system meant an opportunity to source a new system that suited their requirements.

The beauty of MYOB Exo’s functionality for Daiwa is its compatibility with other software- so that users aren’t having to choose between one system or the other.

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With humble beginnings in 1978 as a quaint shop front serving authentic Turkish cuisine in Brunswick Victoria, Bekir is now a large company consisting of a retail butcher, wholesale bakery and large restaurant.

Once the business grew to such a size, it was evident that Bekir needed to upgrade from MYOB Premier to a more in-depth system.

They found their answer in MYOB Exo’s easily accessible system and simple functionality.

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Chef’s Hat

Based in Melbourne, Chef’s Hat is a hospitality supply business which extended their services in 2003 by opening a retail arm to the general public.

As they were using a much more basic management system, they decided to implement MYOB Exo in 2008 and have never looked back since. In fact, they attribute much of their 37% growth to the software.

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