Taskmaster Hardware

Taskmaster Hardware is an Australian-owned, national distributor of home, trade and gardening hardware.

The business was founded in 1985 and in 2011, the Taskmaster business was acquired. A priority for new management was to review their systems. The management team believed there was a business system that would be better aligned with Taskmaster’s requirements; one that was scalable, user-friendly and cost-effective to name a few.

The Taskmaster team were put in touch with Kilimanjaro, who rose to the challenge of providing a quick, effective implementation. Understanding the short time frame, we addressed Taskmaster’s requirements swiftly to ensure the process was smooth and completed timeously. Our MD Ronnie Baskind credits both Taskmaster and Kilimanjaro for their dedication to the project. “Straight away, everyone was on board to cohesively assess Taskmaster’s needs and use Kilimanjaro’s methodology to ensure the implementation was successful.”

Bernadette Meehan led the implementation team at Kilimanjaro to ensure the deployment of MYOB Exo went smoothly for Taskmaster. “The people at Taskmaster were determined to have Exo implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible, which meant they were eager to learn the system. We trained two champions who then created system sheets to distribute to the rest of the team. They really showed how much they were willing to learn in such a short amount of time”.

Once Taskmaster had seen just how capable the team at Kilimanjaro was, they decided to integrate their systems by adding MYOB Exo Payroll.

The Taskmaster team are confident that MYOB Exo is flexible enough to grow as the business does. Furthermore, they are impressed at how easy MYOB Exo is to use- improving efficiencies all around.

To learn more about Taskmaster’s experience with MYOB Exo and Kilimanjaro, please read the Case Study.

Cotswold Furniture

Established over 30 years ago, Cotswold Furniture is a NSW-based importer, collector and distributor of international furniture brands. Having undergone significant growth over the years, Cotswold now boasts four outlets and a network of 20 dealers Australia-wide.

Cotswold successfully used MYOB Premier for many years before the system became too limited to handle Cotswold’s demands. What Cotswold Furniture needed was a new management system that could share information between locations; provide multi-currency capabilities and show real-time inventory numbers.

With a failed attempt at implementing MYOB Exo, it was necessary for Cotswold to turn to Kilimanjaro Consulting to turn the situation around.

“It’s no surprise that larger businesses have inherent complexities within them that need to be supported by an ERP system. In understanding Cotswold’s specific business requirements and mapping MYOB Exo to these, we were able to successfully re-implement MYOB Exo for Cotswold”, said Kilimanjaro’s Director of Operations, Jason Fegan.

Jason continued, “the great thing about implementing MYOB Exo to suit Cotswold’s needs was that the system began working for them instead of vice-versa. Exo is so configurable that Cotswold did not have to stick to set functionality- with a bit of customisation they had everything they needed.”

What made the implementation a success for Cotswold Furniture was the support and understanding from the Kilimanjaro team. Whenever in need of support or to discuss ideas, the Cotswold team knew the team at Kilimanjaro was only a phone call away.

To learn more about Cotswold’s experience with Kilimanjaro and MYOB Exo, please read the Case Study.

Synergy Audio Visual

This importer of high-performance audio and video equipment was established in 1995 and now distributes to over 300 retailers across Australia. With a constantly growing warehouse, it is important for Synergy Audio Visual to maintain control over their inventory.

Having used MYOB Premier for 11 years, it was time for Synergy to source a new management system to suit their requirements in service management and serial number tracking.

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Elite Scooters

For nearly two years, Elite Scooters were stuck with a management system that they did not find compatible with their business needs.

Importing and distributing a range of mobility vehicles to customers in Australia and New Zealand, it was important for Elite Scooters to have a highly functional accounting system in place.

To read about the noticeable differences between the previous system and MYOB Exo, please look at the Elite Scooters Case Study.

Town and Country Style

Launched in 2005, Town & Country Style import and wholesale French provincial and classical furniture and accessories. They have experienced much growth since their inception and have  boast two decorator showrooms, warehouse capability and constant additions to their collections.

Having previously used a combination of MYOB Premier and Microsoft Excel, it was time for Town & Country Style to source a system with greater functionality. Three key aspects pushing them to go with MYOB Exo were support, price and the ability to roll MYOB Premier into MYOB Exo.

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Swing Gifts

Swing Gifts was established in Victoria in 1975 and is an importer and wholesaler of gifts and home decor.

Distributing thousands of product lines to thousands of stores Australia-wide meant keeping track and manually inputting that data, which became a difficult and labour-intensive task.


Having failed in an attempt to install a Windows-based SQL version of the current DOS system, Swing Gifts were hesitant to move to another windows based platform.

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Founded in 2001, Synargy is a Christchurch based business that specialises in importing furniture for key retailers in New Zealand.

Critical to the company’s success was a system that could manage the complex logistics and supply chains developed by Synargy.

Having implemented MYOB Exo, the team are confident that the software has set them apart from the competition.

To find out why, please read the Synargy Case Study.


Direct Imports

Based in Hastings, New Zealand and founded in 1946, Direct Imports is an importer, wholesaler and distributor that focuses on Consumer Electronics equipment, Music Instruments and Pro Audio.

When Direct Imports decided to find a new software option in 2005, they decided to go with MYOB Exo based on its functionality; it was Windows based and could handle their stock and invoicing needs.

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Fiorland Lobster Company

The Fiorland Lobster Company was established more than 20 years ago and is a market leader in New Zealand lobster exports.

With much business taking place overseas, it made sense for the company to source a management system that could handle foreign currencies, and took care of the both the accounting and fishing sides of the business.

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