Mega Music

Established in 2001, Mega Music has quickly grown into one of Perth’s favourite music stores. 100% W.A. owned and operated, Mega Music is large enough to offer a great selection at competitive prices but small enough to still retain a friendly music industry culture.

Mega Music struggled with a mismatch of different accounting and Point of Sale systems across their business that they best described as ‘clunky.’

Mega Music needed a system that could help them to create a single customer view, that is, a one-to-one relationship where they can tailor options for each and every customer. It was time for a change.

MYOB Exo delivered on the requirements of Mega Music, with a customised solution fit for their unique business.

One World

One World Collection is a gift and homeware retailer. The company’s focus is on offering products that look and feel high end at reasonable prices.

When One World Collection opened their Sydney and Auckland stores, MYOB AccountRight was their software of choice. The company was happy with this solution and continued to use it for 10 years.

However, as a growing business, the company was feeling the limitations with stock control and reporting systems.

Exo was the clear choice for One Wold Collection. Greg explains, “Exo’s price was reasonable compared to other high-end systems. And for our size, this system provided the right functionality.”

Kilimanjaro Consulting, a MYOB Partner, implemented the new system. Greg and the team at One World Collection were impressed by their thorough knowledge of Exo. Greg says, “Our needs were quite specific so it was great that they could explain how everything could be customised to work in our environment. Kilimanjaro were fantastic to work with.


Monacellars specialises in liquor and coffee wholesaling, retail and logistics.

Monacellars was using MYOB Retail Manager with AccountRight Plus for 17 years. It was a good solution for what the business needed at the time. “It was affordable off the shelf solution that was very easy to use,” says Simon Kelton, General Manager. However, with business growing rapidly, “the database simply could not keep up.”

Exo has made business life a whole lot easier for the company.

Toby’s Estate

Established in 1998, Toby’s Estate functioned as a boutique supplier of Arabica Coffees. Today, they act as suppliers of both coffee and commercial equipment and are also educating future baristas through their Espresso School.

Toby’s Estate was in need of a new management system to manage growth and was put in touch with Kilimanjaro Consulting. As with all clients, we began our journey with Toby’s Estate by explaining our specialised methodology.

The implementation pod, headed by Sean Eichholz, then delivered a structured plan which outlined which aspects were to be customised and how data would be migrated to the new MYOB Exo system.

Working together with the Toby’s Estate team was a standout experience of the implementation process. “Toby’s Estate had a clear idea as to their motivations and expectations for implementing a new ERP system. Thanks to this clear view, we were able to map out their required business processes and configure Exo to specifically suit their need. Our implementation mantra was ‘keep it simple’; we wanted to lay a strong, structured foundation to the system that would easily allow for future growth”, Sean recalls.

Sean is hugely complimentary of Toby’s Estate and said “one of the best aspects of the implementation was the enthusiasm of the Toby’s Estate team. They were extremely driven and found the system intuitive and easy to use.”

Kilimanjaro’s implementation of MYOB Exo has seen an immediate benefit for Toby’s Estate in terms of increased visibility and improved efficiencies in stock control, warehouse and manufacturing processes.

To learn more about Toby’s Estate’s experience with Kilimanjaro and MYOB Exo, please read the Case Study.

Enzed Dandenong

Enzed Dandenong is specialists with hoses, fittings, flexible connectors and instrumentation products. As retailers, manufacturers and repairers of these products, it is no surprise that Enzed’s warehouse is constantly growing.

What Enzed required was a Windows-based management system that was capable of growing the business. They did not need to look any further than MYOB Exo.

To read on about Enzed Dandenong’s MYOB Exo solution, please have a look at their Case Study.

Landells Signs

Created in 1903, Landells Signs offer the complete signs package- installation, creation and maintenance of signs across Australia.

Landells was looking for a new management system that could be suitable for anyone in the business- not just the accountant. They were also hoping to find a solution that provided more functionality and easy access.

A good impression of MYOB Exo was made thanks to its easy navigation system and simple method of creating reports. The team at Landells were sold.

To read more about Landells’ journey with MYOB Exo, please read their Case Study.

Hampering Around

Created in 1998, Hampering Around designs contemporary gourmet food and wine gift hampers.

For Hampering Around, Christmas is a busy and stressful time as up to 300 orders are completed each day to ensure all gifts are ready on time. With such an increase in client orders, stock management became difficult to maintain.

The company decided an upgrade to a more sophisticated system was necessary and decided to go with MYOB Exo which had more in-depth inventory capabilities and was easily-integrated with their web store.

To read more about Hampering Around’s experience with MYOB Exo, please read their Case Study.

Global Alloys

Global Alloys is an Australian manufacturer, importer, wholesaler and retailer of alloy products. Their product line has grown from a conservative 100-200 items to a stock list of over 4,000 products.

Having outgrown their MYOB Premier system in 2005, Global Alloys sought a new system that met specific requirements such as inventory management; customer reporting and easily customisable features to fit their business needs. They chose MYOB Exo.

The decision to go with Exo has included many benefits for Global Alloys, including stock management over multiple locations and the ability to calculate shipping and landed costs.

To find out what other benefits Global Alloys has enjoyed, please read their Case Study.

Federation Clothing

Federation Clothing was created by husband and wife Jenny & Nick Clegg. Their clothing design and concept combine fashion with functionality. The brand has a huge following in its home base in New Zealand and are growing rapidly into Australia, USA, Japan, Canada and more.

Due to their growth, it became apparent that Federation needed to update their system from MYOB Premier and Payroll. They based their decision to go with MYOB Exo in the fact that it was a very robust system that makes entering information a breeze.

For further information, please have a read of Federation Clothing’s Case Study.