Posted on: Tuesday August 13th, 2013

Author: Xing

As the Service Assistant at Kilimanjaro, my role is to provide internal support to all my fellow colleagues. This means I spend most of my time in the office. However, I have recently been involved in an EXO implementation for a company with a Chinese background. It has come in very handy that Chinese is my first language!

If going onsite was a mystery to me, then it has just become a true story after the first meeting with our client.

Our first meeting was a bit like a blind date – a bunch of geeks were going to meet the beauty. The only background information we had about the client was from our Sales team. The focus was to get an understanding of the business – how they do things and what their requirements were. It sounded like an easy job. Let’s just talk. Yes or no?

Implementing a new ERP system is a big decision for every client. It is not just about money. It takes time and consumes energy. Ultimately, we hope to make our clients’ lives easier and to improve their business efficiency. So, going through with implementation is a life changing event for businesses. In this sense, just talking is not enough. As ERP consultants, we seek every possibility to make a simple conversation a meaningful one. Company culture, current system, user habits, or even personalities, languages can all be barriers for us. That’s why we are here and follow our methodologies so meticulously. We look and make sure we see the cracks. We listen and make sure we hear the pain.

One of the golden rules our Tribal leader always talks about is “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” We are here to listen to how clients would like to run their businesses and help them achieve it through the use of technology. Technology is a method, not a result. We don’t simply think of ourselves as EXO implementers. We are customer relationship managers.

One question I often receive is “All accounting systems are the same/similar. Why should we choose Kilimanjaro and EXO?”

In reality, this is a very common question for all different industries. When you buy a property, which home loan would you choose? When you go on holidays, which airline would you fly with? There are great options and tough competition out there. I think it all comes down to the service. How do the big banks or leading airlines promote their brands? Of course they talk about their products and prices. But most importantly, their services and their focus is on “YOU”.

At Kilimanjaro, we always hear the saying that  “our people are our biggest asset”. This means that Kilimanjaro is a company providing professional services rather than just selling accounting systems. That’s why we always make sure we understand our clients first before explaining our methodologies and giving our suggestions. We speak our clients’ language, no matter if it’s EXO, SQL or Chinese. We talk about business but also our experience – good or bad – because we are real people with real lives and stories.

The implementation for the Chinese company is still in progress. This article is just a corner of the iceberg. It cannot cover everything we do at Kilimanjaro. It is just some thoughts from an insider.