Posted on: Wednesday September 19th, 2012

Author: Carmen

I’m proud to announce that our approach to assisting clients is constantly changing.

We take pride in the solutions we provide to our clients. We decided that we would utilise the time between the clients’ initial request and Kilimanjaro’s response, to collaborate with the KC Tribe.

What we are then able to deliver to the client are MULTIPLE OPTIONS to choose from!!! Some of the benefits of this are:

• At any given time the client can make a decision that would best suit their budget

• The client determines the importance of the request and can pick which option is most suitable

• We cater to all of our clients by providing a range of services: Quick Fix to Custom Reports to SQL Development

• Everyone’s perception of “value for money” is different, and KC’s perception and the clients may also differ. Providing clients with multiple options allows them to choose the one that suits them the most

• This also assists the solution squad member to demonstrate to our clients our wealth of knowledge and how we are able to assist them in their business improvement (with EXO or other business processes).