Posted on: Monday July 29th, 2019

Author: Olivia Mount

A year ago, the upgraded version of MYOB Advanced came with a new User Interface (UI) as an option. Some clients may have been reluctant at the time to use the new User Interface for a lack of familiarity. Other clients may have upgraded but are not aware of the finer details with the new User Interface.

This blog is to provide some tips and tricks with the new User Interface so that you get the best out of using MYOB Advanced. If you currently don’t have the new User Interface and would like it, please contact Kilimanjaro Consulting MYOB Advanced Support

 1. Quick Menu

Can’t find a menu item which you think should be there?

Check the quick menu!

MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2

To add/remove from the quick menu, go to settings in top right corner:

MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2

Then tick boxes of the items you want in your quick menu, and Exit to view Quick Menu:

2. Favourites

As with prior versions, you can click on the stars to add menu items to your “Favourites” menu at the top.

So, if you have trouble finding a menu option, once you’ve found it click on the star and you’ll never have trouble finding it again.

MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2

3. Pin to the Menu

If you use options under the “More Items” frequently, you may wish to pin these to the main menu. From then on it will stay in the first level of the menu on the left-hand side. Eg below pin the integration menu:

MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2

4. Search

If you still can’t find something, search for it.

MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2

5. Add new item to the menu

Click on Edit Menu

Select a menu item eg Finance and then select + Add Menu Item

MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2

Find relevant menu items, tick, then select Add and Close.

MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2

6. Minimise the menu

Click on < to minimise the menu and release even more real estate to work with.

MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2MYOB Advanced Tips n Tricks #2

MYOB Advanced Tips and Tricks

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We hope these tips and tricks were helpful to you! Remember, if you have any questions about the new User Interface or in general our friendly MYOB Advanced team is always here to help. Call us on 1300 857 464 or send us an email.