A Breakdown of MYOB Exo

What the system does well, what it could improve on and who it is best suited to

This page will deal specifically with MYOB Exo.

We have a page dedicated to reviewing other ERP packages.

Features and Benefits- What MYOB Exo Does Well

  • Full financial control of GL, Receivables and Payables
    • Full multi-currency in all ledgers
    • Flexibility of Account Structure
      • Divisionalisation (e.g. branches)
      • GL Ledger sub-codes
  • Multi-company license structure (unlimited additional companies based on license
    • Consolidation module allowing consolidation of 2 or more additional companies into a single P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Modern MS SQL database
    • Flexibility of database
    • Industry Standard
    • Scalable to any size
    • Indexed for high-speed data
    • Ease of access for simple or complex integration to 3rd party systems
    • All modules in a single database
    • Ability to add up to 36 extra fields of data to all DR/CR and Job Costing records if needed
  • Suite of over 300+ reports
    • Reports over any period, and across financial years
  • Advanced and full inventory control
    • Multiple ways to define and categorise stock
    • Full demand planning for inventory
      • EOQ
      • Min Max
      • Dimensions and weights
      • Landed Cost in real time adding on-costs
      • Detailed reporting on key factors
        • Slow movers
        • Past use by date
      • Multi-location
    • Bill of Materials
    • Works Orders for manufacturing
    • Full serial number tracking (warranty) and Batch Tracking
      • Goods In
      • Goods Out
    • Full margin management by stock item, category etc
    • Pricing Flexibility
      • Different price rules and procedures for each Debtor or SKU
      • Full parent-child relationships
  • Job Costing
    • Quote for job
    • Track materials, time and resources by job
    • Resource Management
    • Gantt Chart
    • Multiple billing methods
      • Do and Charge
      • Progress
      • Contract amount
      • Percentage
    • Controls retentions or Bank Guarantees
  • Serviceable Units
    • Track you and your customers equipment
      • Track next service
      • Full-service history
  • CRM
    • Control Sales funnel
      • Leads
      • Opportunities
      • Activities
      • Quotes
      • Sales Orders
    • Exo on the Go (iPad app) for sales interface with customer
  • Fixed Assets
    • Full asset tracking
      • Book and Tax depreciation posted to GL
  • Licenses are concurrent and can be purchased individually for maximum flexibility
  • Cost-effective solution
    • Delivers automation
    • ROI achieved quickly
  • Stable platform
  • Highly configurable
  • Integration
  • Ease of navigation
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Open database/ MS SQL Platform
  • Full access to SQL database
  • Extracting data
  • Stock control (Serial Number Tracking, Batch Tracking)
  • General ledger
  • Job Costing
  • Complex reporting capability
  • Forecast based purchasing
  • Landed Costs/ Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Location
  • Branch accounting
  • Consolidation
  • Margin management
  • Social media integration
  • Extra Fields
  • Intercompany consolidation
  • Bill of materials
  • Additional licences can be purchased singularly
  • Volume pricing discounts
  • Strong accounts
  • Many audit procedures and Accountants Assistant
  • Pricing policies
  • Mobile sales solution (Exo OnTheGo)
  • Integration to best -of -breed solutions (for example POS systems, Warehouse management, Websites)

MYOB Exo in the Cloud

MYOB ExoHosted is an innovative Cloud-based solution that combines the classic MYOB Exo Business software with cutting-edge technology, allowing you to take full advantage of uninterrupted, 24/7 service. By choosing to host your MYOB Exo Business software in the Cloud, you can rest assured that your server is in a highly reliable, modern and automated environment managed by our hosting division. ExoHosted represents the next step in accelerating your business at a reasonable cost to heights previously unimaginable.

Advantages of MYOB ExoHosted:

  • Data sovereignty
  • Access 27/7 with any device, anywhere and anytime
  • The choice of any operating system
  • Simple service consumption – no need to be ‘tech infrastructure savvy’
  • Zero capital expenditure
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Simplified IT network and services
  • No more managing firewalls, patches, viruses or server failures.

Visit our more detailed page to find out more about how ExoHosted can be integrated into your business!

Who’s It For?

MYOB Exo is a perfect solution for those companies who have outgrown their small bookkeeping system i.e. Xero, Accountright etc. They are thinking about transitioning from their current software as they are finding a lot of time in Excel, or doing multiple manual tasks that could be automated.

Also, they need solid management reporting to run the business and greater flexibility in stock control and job and project management.

MYOB Exo fits all industries and all businesses and it is highly configurable, and has Job Costing as an add on rather than a core offering for those companies not involved in projects.

It is equally at home in an inventory environment of the service based environment and the designed work flow will reflect the customer needs

  • Stock-based business
  • Service-based business
  • Businesses formed on a group/multiple entity structures
  • Importing/Exporting based business
  • Mid-sized/ larger and growing companies
  • Not for profits with complex General Ledger Requirements
  • The correct implementation of other modules facilitates multiple industry usage
  • The software is highly configurable and can be applied across industries

What MYOB Exo could do better

  • POS- Touchscreen (restaurants etc) Yes POS is dated
  • POS offline capability
  • Manufacturing resource planning
  • Cash flow management we can do this with clarity
  • FIFO who cares, no one in the Exo space ever needs FIFO
  • Unable to post future dated transactions
  • May be perceived as an expensive solution for small sites (1-2 user sites) can be but it’s based on need
  • Multiple level Bill of Materials
  • Branch based balance sheets who cares, not really necessary, I have never been asked for this
  • Web-based CRM maybe, but Exo on the Go usually suffices or RDC
  • Multi-bin locations per product per location yes this a big weakness as well as cannot scan in and scan out

If you have any enquiries please call us on 1300 857 464 or email us at support@k-c.com.au.

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