Integrated Systems vs. Best of Breed

We take you through a comparison of Integrated ERP systems Vs. Best of breed, and which of these is best suited for you company.

An integrated Enterpise Resourcing and Planning (ERP) system usually includes company, financial and accounting information, operational information, and customer relationship management (CRM) information. An integrated system is always preferable to a hodge-podge of stand-alone systems. It is extremely complex to integrate stand-alone systems that were not designed to be integrated, and the results of this type of integration are usually inadequate and expensive.

In large companies with extremely complex requirements, integrated systems may not meet the requirements. In these cases, specialised, non-integrated systems may be required. Examples of this are MRP (Materials Resource Planning); Complex Manufacturing; Industry specific solutions and Complex Warehouse Management. It is sometimes better to select ‘best of breed’ specialised software and limit the integration to financials only (i.e General Ledger, Debtors and Creditors).

Take a walk-thought our honest comparison of MYOB Exo and other ERP solution available on the market.

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Making your way through then ERP selection process

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