Dealers Online – Web-based Ordering System

An add-on to MYOB Exo, Dealers Online gives your wholesale customers ordering capabilities and instant stock information direct from Exo

An MYOB Exo fully integrated solution providing real-time, web-based ordering tools for your agents, dealers, distributors or other business-to-business customers.

This web-based online ordering system gives your agents, dealers, stockists, retailers or sales reps access to livestock information and the tools to manage their own orders.

 Users can:

  • View their catalogue online
  • Check stock levels in real-time
  • See incoming or available stock information
  • Place sales orders
  • Track existing orders
  • View their transactions
  • View their account
  • Read about your specials or new incoming lines

 Industrial Strength

This is a no-frills industrial strength easy to use solution. Simple and quick to implement on existing Exo sites.

Dealers Online is a B2B web application which fully integrates with MYOB Exo in real time. Exclusive to MYOB Exo, it is ideally suited where a relationship of trust exists between you (the supplier) and your business-to-business client.

The application is hosted on a custom-built website allowing Debtors or Customers to log in with a secure password to place their own orders, saving the time and effort required to re-key orders from telephone, fax or e-mail requests.

Stock Information

Customers can see what items are in stock, the next date due, images of stock items, and the status of their order.

The system can be easily configured to allow customers different levels of access to stock information. True stock levels or “masked” stock levels can be enabled depending on the level of user permission. The incoming stock schedule can be made visible, showing due date and quantities of confirmed shipments.


A new enhancement allows debtors to view their transaction history, exactly as they appear on the “transactions” tab in EXO.

Controlling Pricing

The debtor pricing is integrated with MYOB Exo pricing policies, so each user sees the price set up in Exo for them.

No Upload / Downloads or synchronisation

Data is stored only in one place – your MYOB Exo database. There is no need for any intermediate third party software or link.

For more information, have a read of our DOL fact sheet.


Excellence in Business Development 2015 AU
MYOB EXO Award 2015
North Sydney Awards v3
Telstra Awards 2012