Kilimanjaro’s CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Agent Application has been developed to monitor the status of a user’s telephone extension and responds to certain events via MYOB Exo.

The CTI Agent Application can trigger events in Exo, such as popping up the client’s Contact card or a dashboard summarising all contact details – company, open cases, additional contacts etc. Whatever details have been maintained in Exo can be made visible to the user receiving the phone call.

How it will help your business

  • Tightly integrated with your phone system to interact with MYOB Exo
  • Set up according to rules established by user
  • Can search Exo contacts, clients and prospects for a matching phone number
  • Useful for businesses running call centres
  • Revolves specifically around client management

If you’d like to know more about this solution, or want to get an obligation free demonstration from one of our MYOB Exo Business specialists, please contact us.