Run by GT Management, WebReq offers a Purchase Requisition Software, Web Order Processing, which allows staff to purchase goods and services online, subject to company policies.

With WebReq Order Processing, staff are able to do everything online from raising requisitions, getting them approved by management and entering suppliers invoices. Managing approval is easy with customisable routing options to suit your business structure.

Tick Flexiblity – Allows staff in more remote areas to use the application without complex communication systems 

Tick Centralised Storage – All records are kept in a central place, making it easily accessible and manageable  

Tick Real time interface – Sends automatic email alerts to approvers to notify them of when a requisition requires their approval

Tick Visibility – Keeps track of what is being purchased across the organisation 

How it works


To find out how WebReq Order Processing can help your business, please download the fact sheet below.

Alternatively, you can contact us at [email protected] or on 1300 857 464 to find out how this product can be integrated into your system.