MYOB Advanced People – Payroll and Workforce Management

The latest cloud-based payroll and HR solution from MYOB that integrates with MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced People and Workforce Management is a modern, cloud-based payroll and HR solution. It can be run as a standalone platform or integrated as an MYOB Advanced Business module.

What is MYOB Advanced People

MYOB Advanced People is the payroll module of choice for more complex Australian and New Zealand businesses. It is fully integrated with MYOB Advanced Business to keep all your data up to date in one place and in real-time.

MYOB Advanced People is built on the platform of the world’s fastest-growing ERP system – Acumatica. In addition, MYOB has added their own local expertise so that you can leverage this powerful, purpose-built payroll solution for your business. As it is cloud-based, you have access to your data anywhere and at any time. MYOB Advanced People is designed to be flexible and customisable so that it can meet your needs now, without holding you back in the future.

MYOB Advanced People Cloud Solutions are STP compliant.

Like all of MYOB’s payroll software, MYOB Advanced People is Single Touch Payroll (STP) compliant. By enabling STP, salaries and wages, PAYG and superannuation information is reported directly to the ATO at the time of each payday and this saves time at the End of the Financial year. It is no longer necessary to provide PAYG Payment Summaries; the information will already be available for your staff through myGov. Overall, this reduces the number of interactions with the ATO as well as reducing the duplication of data.

Who will benefit from MYOB Advanced People?

If you are already taking advantage of Australia and New Zealand’s favourite ERP, MYOB Advanced, an integrated payroll module is a perfect fit. MYOB Advanced People can be included in your subscription without disrupting your regular business functions.

The benefits of an integrated ERP system are realised when information flows between the different functions and modules, reducing duplication of effort and manual data entry, and providing real-time business insights.

However, MYOB Advanced People can also be a standalone payroll solution. It is a good introduction for your organisation to take its first steps into the cloud. Your payroll team can enjoy the cloud-based flexibility, with tax information kept up to date in real-time and the ability to automate different tasks.

Every member of your organisation will reap the benefits of MYOB Advanced People, thanks to the Employee Self-Service features. Your staff are able to manage their own details and submit leave requests on-line without troubling your busy payroll staff.

The Enhanced Functionality of MYOB Advanced People

MYOB Advanced People is well equipped to handle the payroll needs of the more complex organisations.

Some of the features included as standard are:

  • Full integration with MYOB Advanced Business
  • The online tax engine, so you are always using the latest tax rates and thresholds
  • Powerful configuration options that cater to many different employee scenarios
  • Allowing for multiple employee pay groups across several pay frequencies
  • As part of MYOB Enterprise, Single Touch Payroll is enabled to automatically update the ATO
  • Employee self-service that allows employees to update personal details and apply for leave. Managers can approve these requests from anywhere
  • Advanced payroll software reporting, transaction history and audit tracking
  • End of Year Payroll functions to streamline your end of year processes

What is Workforce Management?

MYOB’s Workforce Management solution complements MYOB Advanced People, providing an end-to-end ERP system for your organisation. Workforce Management specifically improves the way you onboard, roster, track and pay your staff. With the addition of Workforce Management to the MYOB Advanced platform, your organisation can connect payroll with critical upstream processes for greater efficiency and enhanced decision making.

Mobile Employee Self-Service

A mobile app completely manages all employee self-service functions. Clock in and out, record expenses, manage personal details, swap and accept shifts, view rosters and make leave requests from a single point, with data flowing in real-time across the Workforce Management platform.


Sign contracts, forms, company policies, capture digital signatures, and collect information such as Bank account details, next of kin, address details, and more. Onboard new employees simply and easily, with data fed directly into MYOB Advanced Payroll.


Leverage a modern web-based rostering platform, with the simple easy to use User Interface. “Smart Roster” automation matches shift requirements to your team’s certifications and skills so that you are always appropriately staffed.


Team leaders can quickly approve expenses from the mobile app. The incoming expense data can easily be exported to the finance team, along with supporting documents and photos.

Business Intelligence

Get a real-time view of the sales effectiveness of your retail workforce. Sales data can be directly imported into a BI dashboard. These reports can cover data across locations and time periods, with detailed insight into the hours, costs, sales, and efficiency of your team.


The Workforce Management app boasts facial recognition technology, along with GPS location to ensure accurate time capture. Data captured in Timesheets is integrated directly to MYOB Advanced People, simplifying your payroll process.

Leave Management

Configure a Public Holiday calendar specific to your organisation, with blackout periods supported. Confirmed employee leave automatically flows through to Rostering.

Case Study

Threlfall Packaging is a wholesale packaging company that used to rely on out-of-date processes like docket books and spreadsheets. They implemented MYOB Advanced People as part of the overall MYOB Advanced suite and have drastically increased their efficiency. This gives them actionable data across their entire organisation, including payroll and staff, and allows their administration team to focus on more important opportunities. With this deeper insight into staff data, they have been able to reduce staff hours without compromising their effectiveness, which has improved their bottom line.

Read more about Threlfall Packaging’s journey with MYOB Advanced People, here.

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Why should you choose MYOB Advanced People?

Choose MYOB Advanced People if:

  • You need a market leading payroll solution that is tightly integrated into your ERP system
  • You need the flexibility and control of multiple customisable pay groups across different pay frequencies
  • You need enhanced payroll reporting capability, without printing out paper copies
  • You need simple tax compliance with tax rates and thresholds kept up to date by MYOB.
  • You need compliant Payroll management software.
  • You need a cloud-based solution with anywhere anytime access

Implementation and Pricing

We follow a tried and tested, structured methodology to guide you through the implementation process. We work to reduce risk in all forms so that your system will work exactly as it needs to when you go live. Our philosophy is that you need to become self-sufficient in your new system.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, MYOB Advanced People is charged as a monthly subscription, that bundles together licensing, hardware, and hosting. You can also scale your subscription up and down when necessary, allowing the system to grow with your business. A one-time implementation fee, which is charged separately from the monthly subscription, covers the installation and configuration of the software to your organisation’s specific requirements. This charge also includes the initial training for your team, ensuring they are confident of using the software when they go live.

You can read more about our implementation methodology, here.

MYOB Advanced People Training

Training is essential to get the most out of your MYOB Advanced People system. At Kilimanjaro Consulting we have a number of available training options.

Training at Implementation

Our expert payroll team will provide training on MYOB Advanced People during the implementation process. This ensures that you are self-sufficient when you go live. The training at implementation process will cover important topics such as:

  • Entering in and setting up new employees
  • Processing pays and issuing payslips
  • Generating standard bank files, to pay employees electronically

Training Post-Implementation

Whether you have new staff that require system training or just need a refresher on what was covered during implementation, we can also provide ad-hoc training to suit your specific requirements. Additional topics that can be covered include:

  • New leave entitlements
  • New pay items
  • Superannuation funds
  • MYOB Payroll Training and Tax reporting
  • Employee Self-Service

For more information or to sign up for your training experience, visit the Kilimanjaro Consulting Training Portal or email

Take advantage of our experience to help your business

Contact us to organise a free, no-obligation assessment of your organisation, and whether MYOB Advanced People is right for you. MYOB Advanced People is designed to meet the payroll needs for larger, more complex organisations. This requires a skilled implementation partner to support you through all stages of the implementation: design, build, User Acceptance Testing, and Go-Live.

Call us on 1300 857 464 or email to organise a free demonstration and conversation about how MYOB Advanced People could suit your company.


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