MYOB Advanced People – Payroll and Workforce Management

The latest cloud-based payroll and HR solution from MYOB that integrates with MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced People is a modern, feature-rich cloud-based payroll and HR solution. It is fully integrated into MYOB Advanced Business or can be run as a stand-alone payroll. Using their extensive enterprise payroll experience gained from MYOB’s existing payroll products (including MYOB Exo Payroll and PayGlobal), MYOB have built a cloud-based payroll solution suited to most businesses with moderately complex requirements.

If you are already using MYOB Advanced Business as your ERP system, MYOB Advanced Payroll provides you with a system that shares the same technology platform inherited from Acumatica. This will allow your business to consolidate your efforts and reduce manual data entry or duplication. Payroll processing can be done from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Some of the standard features included in MYOB Advanced People include:

  • Seamless GL integration in MYOB Advanced Business
  • Customisable leave entitlements
  • Custom leave types
  • Multiple pay cycles per pay frequency, e.g. alternating fortnightly pays
  • Different pay groups for different types of payments, e.g. normal pays, bonus/commission payments, directors’ fees, etc.

Kilimanjaro Consulting provides implementation, payroll training and payroll help (support) services for this Advanced Payroll and HR solution.

Superannuation Guarantee Changes 2021

AS of the 1st of July 2021, new reforms have been introduced that aim to reduce unnecessary super fees and increase retirement savings. Most notably, there is an increase in the Super Guarantee from 9.5% to 10% and a planned increase to up to 12% by 2025. However, there are also changes that can affect your onboarding process but will look to save Australians some $17.9 billion over the next decade. Read more about the new system here.

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